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Before I see GP re DD possible nut allergy - what should I know?

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tiokiko Tue 23-Oct-12 10:04:05

I think DD1 (4 in December) has a nut allergy - peanuts specifically. She is fine with pistachios, almonds, cashews etc in fact everything except for peanut butter (groundnut oil no problem, not sure if that is significant). Neither DH or I or anyone in immediate family have allergies although my cousin has a nut allergy.

She hadn't really had peanuts/peanut butter much as it's not something we'd had in the house a lot. I remember giving her a PB sandwich when she was about 18m and she spat it out but I thought she just didn't like it. Recently she had some and immediately said it gave her an itchy tongue and spat it out again. A week or so later DD2 (12m) was having a PB sandwich (which she loves) and DD1 complained of an itchy tongue, so I guess some of the PB must have been on the chopping board.

I obviously need to see the GP about this and will make an appt today, but just wanted to ask for any advice/experience about what I should ask or be aware of - would appreciate anything from those of you who have already been there.

SpookyRumours Tue 23-Oct-12 18:14:58

My ds has a nut allergy, we found out when he had the tiniest amount of peanut butter in his lip and he swelled up and had a rash. We now have an epi pen and have to avoid all nuts until further investigations are done. When we went to his consultant, we had to tell them all his history and any other times he may have had nuts. He was only 16 months at the time so we could remember it ok. So take what you have written in your op.
Also groundnut oil is peanut oil as far as I'm aware. Peanut is a ground nut not a tree nut.

tiokiko Tue 23-Oct-12 19:27:52

Yes, that's what I thought which is why I don't get the apparent allergy. She has definitely had groundnut oil in lots of stuff with no problem at all and all other nuts seem to be fine.

Guess we just need to see what the GP says - thanks for your info, hope your DS is diagnosed soon and doesn't have any problems.

spiffysquiffyspiggy Tue 23-Oct-12 19:52:40

DD is 3 and got diagnosed with peanut allergy in August. We got told that refined groundnut oil is fine for the vast majority of peanut allergy sufferers as it is so highly refined there are only traces of the proteins left in it.

DD got referred after a trip to A&E. She'd shared some bombay mix with DS1 and started wheezing and came out in a rash. I just told the GP what had happened and got a referral for testing. She's had pb before but spat it out and said it was too spicy. Consultant said it was a classic peanut reaction. She was tested for loads of different nuts but only reacted to peanuts. We have an inhaler, anti-histamines and an epi pen to carry at all times.

DD hasn't had another severe attack but a few minor ones. We watch out for any complaints of spicy or tingly tongue as well as persistent coughing which is how her wheezing started and give the anti-histamine if there is any of those symptoms. The hardest thing has been remembering to carry her medicines around with us.

Hope you get some answers. It was pretty scary getting the diagnosis but we've adjusted to it now.

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