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Avoiding soy

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vvviola Thu 18-Oct-12 07:02:44

Although DD2 isn't allergic to soy, we've stopped giving her soy formula as we think she was beginning to react a little (mainly stomach cramps) and the paediatrician has prescribed Pepti junior.

But should we (me & her as she is still predominantly bf) be avoiding all soy? I mean, it's in practically everything...

OHforDUCKScake Thu 18-Oct-12 10:51:03

If she reacts to soya, you need to avoid soya.

Theres soya free breads, soya free crisps etc.

Its a pain in the arse, but only to start with. You soon get to know what bread to buy, crisps to go for etc.

It feels like its in everything to start with, but its not. smile

Is there a particular food you were stuck with?

vvviola Thu 18-Oct-12 11:19:39

sad I was afraid someone would say that. I think what's bothering me is that we think she might be getting cramps from the soya, but it could equally be something else. And part of the reason we're stopping the soy formula is to avoid her becoming sensitive to it. I suppose what I was wondering is, if it turns out not to be soy that's causing the issue, and we're just cutting out the soy formula to stop her getting sensitive, do we need to cut every scrap of soy out of her diet? Or just large amounts? Does that make sense.

If we have to cut it out, we'll cut it out. No question there. (^minor wobble^ does that mean me too...sad)

The selection of allergen free stuff here (NZ) is a lot more limited than in the UK. (tangent: discovered today that every brand of spaghetti hoops has cheese in them angry). Bread is the big one I think. I can bake my own, but it's pretty crusty & chewy, so she isn't keen.

The more time passes the more I can't wait for our appointment with the dietician to come through...

OHforDUCKScake Thu 18-Oct-12 14:10:49

I personally cut out the items my son is anaphylactic to.

Quite simply, and rather annoyingly, the only way to see if she is truly reacting to an item is to eliminate it completely and reintroduce it later if needs be.

PITA that NZ food has so much soya in. May I reccomend the Orgran website?

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