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accidentally jagged myself with DDs epipen

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sparrow45 Wed 17-Oct-12 07:50:29

Hi, I feel like such an idiot, but I accidentally jagged myself with my 14 year old's out of date epipen. We hadn't needed to use it for so long I think I forgot what to do....and to complicate things further I am pregnant again with out 4th child. I ended up in casualty, with high blood pressure and a fast heart rate. After about 20minutes it thankfully all started to settle down. I managed to get a scan about 4 hours later and baby looks ok, but I am so worried about the potential damage I have caused.
So I know if I was having an anaphylactic reaction, using the epipen would be the sensible thing to do in pregnancy, but in my case it was a plain accident and I should never have been exposed to it.
I wondered if there are any ladies out there who had to use an epipen for a severe reaction in pregnancy and whether there were any problems with their pregnancy or babies?
I am so so angry with myself and also so worried. I probably won't get over it until I get to hold my baby in 5 months time....
Hoping everything is ok.....

BalloonSlayer Wed 17-Oct-12 16:20:47

Look I can't imagine you got even 10% the full dose, you need to hold it in the body for 10 seconds, you must have gone "ow bloody hell" and pulled it straight out.

My DS1 was prescribed an junior epipen at a year old. And we were told then that if it was used in error it wouldn't do much harm although best to go to hospital to get checked out. So a year old baby was at no risk from one - obviously I know that's much bigger than an unborn baby. I really doubt there is any damage you could have done.

What about if something had really scared you and sent your heart pounding? It's much the same thing isn't it?

I'd suggest you call your midwife tomorrow and ask for advice. If she can't reassure you she will be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Please try not to worry. Difficult after an adrenaline injection I know!

FireOverBabylon Wed 17-Oct-12 16:24:04

Where did you jab yourself? If it's a finger, you need to get seen by the hospital now as it can cause problems with blood flow because it's such a relatively small area that the adrenaline has gone in to. Generally, if it's anywhere else, you'd be ok, but I'd go to A&E or phone your GP because you're pregnant.

FireOverBabylon Wed 17-Oct-12 16:30:44

D'oh. Having now read how you went to A&E, you should be fine. Adreanline metabolises into your body, in the same way as adrenaline that you produce would do. If you heard next door being burgled at 3am, you'd release adrenaline but you presumably wouldn't worry that you were doing permanent harm to your baby.

sparrow45 Wed 17-Oct-12 20:03:44

Hi thanks for the replies. I am starting to calm down a bit and feel less stressed by the entire incident. I spoke with a doctor today who managed to reassure me quite a bit, as have your replies. I think I was so shocked and upset it had all happened, main thing is baby seemed fine on the scan. I will just put it all down to a pretty rubbish experience, one I don't fancy repeating any time soon!

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