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Red blotches all over dd

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MummyDuckAndDuckling Sun 14-Oct-12 09:50:05

Hello, my 12 month old dd woke up from nap yesterday and was covered head to toe in a rash all over her body. Best described as large red 'blister like' blotches (but not fluid filled). Gave her piriton which helped until we seem the ooh GP. She said it looked like an allergic reaction but she had never seen it presented like that, ie the big patches as its often more 'nettle like' small bumps. She gave us hydrocortisone cream but by time we were home it was almost gone anyway. Rest of evening was fine.
Got up this morning and its back. Was just her lower half with each blotch covering each one of her buttocks (that's an indication of the size!). She had smaller patches all down her legs to. Called NHS again who advised the piriton again and watch her over next few hours and if its not clearing or gets worse to have her seen.
Has anyone had anything like this before? She hasn't ate anything different, no new washing powder etc. she had her mmr about 10 days ago, but they think if it had been that, it would've shown up before now.
I'm at a loss!

casabevron Sun 14-Oct-12 13:53:25

It is possible to develp an allergy at any time in your life, but if you search 'post viral rash' or similar in this section you may find that this is a more likely fit for your dd. Not saying that this is definitely what is happening, but it does sound familiar from some of the threads I've read on here.

Ds has food allergies, but also tends to get facial hives in the aftermath of a cold or virus, usually a week or two after. He got his biggest rash about a week after the mmr, large hives around his mouth that came and went for a day or two.

Worth monitoring her and seeking further medical advice if the rash persists. Perhaps keeping a note of what she is eating, and when, too, to rule out any other possible causes?

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sun 14-Oct-12 14:53:53

Thank you, that's very helpful smile. It's just strange as to what it is. I'll have a google about and see what I find

mumat39 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:53:37

Hello, it sounds like a post rial rash to me too. My DD had a bout recently that started in the middle of the night whilst she slept. It started on her legs, then covered her torso. She looked like she had been scalded. It last 2 whole days and then disappeared.

It wasn't very itchy at all and didn't seem to bother DD, so her allergy nurse said it sounded viral.

We use NeoClarityn for things like hayfever and viral urticaria as it's long lasting and non sedating. We also use piriton for emergencies, like when DD was making fruit kebabs at school, rubbed her eyes, and they swelled up to almost closed.

I hope your dd is okay now. Oh the other thing to note is that viral urticaria can last for quite a long time. Dd had to have NeoClarityn for 3.5 weeks with her first episode which was when it finally started to clear up.

I hope this helps a bit.

Floss48 Mon 15-Oct-12 17:32:07

Hi MummyDuckAndDuckling, I developed a rash exactly like you describe two weeks ago, allergic reaction to red pepper apparently, according to Doc. His first question after seeing the rash was whether I'd eaten raspberry/pepper/red chilli (he felt it was something red!) It was very itchy and sore and it 'moved' around my body for 3 days or so. I discovered bicarb of soda in the bath water really reduced the pain and itch - it's amazing stuff! Also used an anti-hist but he also prescribed antibiotics. Hopefully your little duckling is better now.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Mon 15-Oct-12 19:02:10

Thanks everyone. Thankfully it did settle down within a few hours of taking the piriton and we didn't need to go back to ooh GP or hospital. I done some googling and best matched it up to hives or reaction of some sort. I'm keeping a close eye on her when she is eating just incase of it happening again, but I'm praying it doesn't. As I said to GP, if she had been fully dressed I wouldn't even have known. She hasn't been 'unwell' with it, still running around crazy!! grin

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