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Newbie looking for advice on dairy allergy!

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MrsAiolfi Thu 11-Oct-12 15:09:03

My little boy has been diagnosed with a dairy allergy and we saw the dietician this morning. She's given me a relatively helpful diet sheet, but having been to the supermarket I am now at a loss as to what i can feed him. He's 20months and he attempts to be a fussy eater. He was drinking quite a lot of cows milk, but over the six months I've managed to reduce this. I'm more concerned about dinner time and coping when we are out and about. Also, the dietician mentioned things like soya puddings and dairy free snacks but the large sainsburys by me didn't have a huge variety let alone very much that a fussy toddler would like! Would love some advice and tips on brands that are suitable and how to cope! I would be so grateful as I'm seven hours in and almost broken already!!

mamado Thu 11-Oct-12 18:02:05

My dds are milk, egg, nut and sesame allergic and I write a blog about the food i make for them/us. I've made quite a long list of products which are suitable for them so would definitely be fine for your son.

If you PM me I'll send you the link :-)

ps don't worry... it's hard to start with and some times its stressful )parties, eating out etc) but it does get easier and your son will have a healthier diet and probably very little snot!

OHforDUCKScake Sat 13-Oct-12 08:16:38

There is a thread on here called 'suprising egg and dairy free finds' which has been brilliant.

Im a little confused by your post though. Are you asking for a substitute milk?
Are you asking what he can eat? (He can eats lots and lots of things, what does he like?) or baby food or snacks?

Im also a bit confused by the dairy allergy disgnoses but he is still drinking cows milk?

Also if he was drinking a lot of it, you'll find he'll be eating a lot more food once you cut it out. Alternative milks are soya, rice, oat or almond.

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