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Piriton Allergy

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dinkdink Wed 10-Oct-12 22:44:39

My daughter who is now 13 had anaphylaxis to piriton syrup when just 1.5 yr old,
i happened to have an epipen available due to her having a previous reaction to egg,i am interested to hear of any similar stories.
My daughter was prescribed the syrup at age one and was fine taking it on and off for a few months then out of the blue had a terrible anaphylactic reaction i had never been shown how to use the epi pen but i did it and she recovered in the hospital i then had to endure it all over again as the junior dr at the hospital was sure this couldn't be the case and that it must be the food given before the piriton which caused the reaction and she was then tried with it a couple of weeks later in the hospital and sure enough as soon as it hit the back of her throat it happened again, i contacted the makers of the syrup but was told it could be an additive in the syrup which caused it,back then there was no warning that this type of reaction could happen but i see now that it does mention it on the leaflet, as well as egg and piriton allergy my daughter also has severe reaction to milk and nuts and moderate to severe allergy to bannana and kiwi,i blame it on her having a severe bout of chicken pox at 4 months old.

eragon Thu 11-Oct-12 11:19:22

syrups do contain a lot of other ingriediants, my son had a mild reaction to claritin syrup and on zytec syrup had a noticible agressive mood swings.

tablets are the way to go, and the antihistamine tablets are small, it took some time to get my son to take them, and but since he was able to do it, we havent had any problems at all in that direction.

there are many different forms of anitihistamine, so its likely that you will find one that will suit.

freefrommum Thu 11-Oct-12 19:10:43

Just one word of warning on use of antihistamine tablets as many contain lactose so not suitable for those allergic to milk.

eragon Thu 11-Oct-12 21:40:42

good point !

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