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Introducing Pepti junior

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vvviola Wed 10-Oct-12 04:58:26

A probably very daft question about Pepti junior. We've just been prescribed it for DD2, in an attempt to wean her off breastfeeding slowly - and to give her something to have when she's at crèche (previously on soy formula which we think was becoming an issue).

I know some babies still react to it as it's based on cows milk. So do I just give her a sip and see what happens? Sounds kind of scary - just giving her something and see if she reacts.

And I suppose giving it to her in the morning is the best bet, so that we've the full day to watch for any issues.

see, I told you they were daft questions

SalmonRow Wed 10-Oct-12 23:04:36

My DD was precribed Pepti as she has a dairy issue. It basically was just give it to her and wait and see what happens. We gave it to her in the morning, and then made sure to keep the rest of her food for the day very simple, so we knew if there was anything different it was due to the Pepti.

Thankfully she had no reaction and has been on Pepti for 2 years. If it works for you, it's a much easier (and cheaper!) alternative to Neocate, which I think is the next one they reccomend if Pepti doesn't work.

My only issue now is she's 3 and she won't go off the Pepti!

vvviola Sun 14-Oct-12 14:15:55

Sorry SalmonRow meant to come on and say thanks.

We tried her with a little on Saturday morning. No immediate reaction, but she has had a couple of funny nappies, a red bottom & some stomach cramps. She is teething badly too though so it's hard to tell what is causing what.

Will be trying her on a little again tomorrow, but I don't think it's looking too good sad

kbsydney Sun 21-Oct-12 06:59:16

Hi - my DD is CMPI, lactose intolerant and has bad reflux. We were giving her neocate but the pediatrician wanted us to try pepti junior (cheaper!). When we gave her pepti junior her reflux got much worse, she screamed, rash around mouth, nappy rash, couldn't sleep - from memory symptoms started within an hour of feeding her. So back to the neocate. Good luck!

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