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what happens now? dd2 allergic to kiwi and spices? I think!

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l4k Sat 22-Sep-12 09:28:11

hi, looking for advice to how this works in terms of referral and how dangerous this could be.
DD2 (11)was very ill after eating lots of kiwi icecream in Italy 2 years ago,within 20 mins of eating she said she didn't feel well then shortly began being sick which continued 1/2 hourly all night.Since then we noticed her lips were tingling and sometimes swelling when she had kiwi,but also her hand gets red, sore and itchy when the juice goes on it.So fine we thought,no kiwi.
But she has had the lip tingling thing after some spicy foods this year,this week after just one taste of a stir-fry sauce.Also,after a fruit salad which did not contain kiwi. Phoned GP who just said I'll refer her to a pediatrician.No advice at all.
So do I need to be really carful what she eats? or is such a mild reaction not dangerous?
If anyone has any experiences I'd be pleased to hear them,thanks.

vodkaanddietirnbru Sat 22-Sep-12 10:19:12

sounds like an oral allergy. Allergy to kiwi can be associated with allergy to other foods e.g. banana, avocado, watermelon, cantaloupe, and peach that are all in the same 'family'. Latex allergy is also linked to kiwi allergy.

l4k Sat 22-Sep-12 14:28:14

Thank you. Will look at links.

l4k Sun 23-Sep-12 09:54:14

That looks possible. So what kind of tests does she need and who will do them? I didn't think it would be a pediatrician.
Because she's aware of it all, she's started being really picky and worried about what she eats.This could be a problem when we go on holiday next month.Any advice on dealing with that?
thanks again.

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