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Haribo starmix and multiple allergies

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mumat39 Fri 21-Sep-12 11:57:47

DD has multiple food allergies and I was wondering if Haribo Starmix sweets would be ok for her.

She is allergic to wheat,eggs,tree-nuts,sesame,rapeseed oil,ginger and all legumes so things like chick peas, peanuts, lentils, mung beans, peas, kidney beans etc.

We also avoid high histamine foods like fresh strawberries, tomatoes and kiwi fruits.

I know Haribo has kiwi in it but don't know if the processing denatures the protein. Also, I don't know if these sweets have wheat based glucose syrup.

I would like to provide the school with a treat box for her so that on birthdays, she has an option of a treat as she can have things like cakes and biscuits unless they're allergen free of course.

So does anyone know if these sweets would be ok? and if not, does anyone know of any other sweets that might be a better option. DD hasn't ever had sweets but does have kinnerton chocolates that have the nut safety promise.

I've asked about glucose syrup before but still don't know whether it's okay or not for DD due to her wheat allergy. If anyone knows about this, any info/advice would be great.

Many Thanks in advance.

eragon Fri 21-Sep-12 15:18:34

i asked this question of my immunologist and he said that it was ok for him to have kiwi as protein structure was totally changed during the process.

I dont know about the wheat side of things, sorry.

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