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Surprise dairy & egg free finds - join me in making a list?

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abigboydidit Tue 28-Aug-12 12:56:30

Hi -

I'm new to the whole allergy thing (DS is 15 months old & allergic to milk & eggs). As he's getting older I'm starting to appreciate how limiting it is and how lovely it is when he can have an off-the-shelf item that everyone else is having. So, I thought I would start a thread where we could list surprise finds we've came across (or in my case, that MN have pointed me towards!).

My (very short) list:
- shop bought puff pastry (read this in a thread the other day. A revelation! And just in time for my nephew's birthday party!)
- jammie dodgers (ditto!)
- Nairns Dark Choc Chip biscuits (made in factory handling milk)
- Sacla tomato & garlic stir in sauce
- Sacla Char-Grilled Aubergine Pesto
- Cauldron aduki bean kiev (salty though!)

Anyone like to share their finds?

OHforDUCKScake Wed 29-Aug-12 08:50:29

Pombears have milk in? My son is anaphylactic to milk but has eaten these a lot and been fine?? (hes definitely still allergic to milk after a recent chocolate incident...)

freefrommum Wed 29-Aug-12 08:51:52

Here's my list of milk, egg AND wheat free (but not soya free):

-Heinz beans and sausages ( a God send!)
-Chicken Tonight Spanish Chicken
-Asda SmartPrice mild curry sauce
-Morrisons freefrom choc chip cookies
-Organix spicy tomato stars
-Asda tinned premium lean ham (handy small ring-pull cans)
-Sainsbury's freefrom chicken nuggets and sausages (frozen)
-Asda & Morrison's soup-to-go chicken & vegetable
-Dietary Specials ciabatta rolls, white or brown (brown's best)
-Asda freefrom choc orange buttons

ariane5 Wed 29-Aug-12 08:58:13

Really pleased to hear that jammie dodgers now milk free! ds1 has been wanting to try them for years after seeing dd1 eating them.

Cant wait to go out now and get some he hardly ever gets treats, I cannot believe something as simple as a jammie dodger could cheer me up so much !

RationalBrain Wed 29-Aug-12 09:02:18

The red pom bears are dairy free - I nearly had a heart attack when our childminder said she had given some to DD1, but I checked and they really are! May be a recent change?

Not only co-op jam doughnuts, but I think the custard ones as well.

Fox's party rings. Say no more.

abigboydidit Wed 29-Aug-12 09:08:06

It is the treats that matter though, isn't it. DS was at a birthday party and he's too little to understand his allergy so I was constantly running after him trying to stop him eating all the discarded sausagee rolls and bits of cake from the floor. Think the other Mum's were worried I didn't feed him..

OHforDUCKScake Wed 29-Aug-12 09:14:12

Rationalbrain, I just looked on Tesco and it said milk protein and whey powder, but I know for sure Ive checked and it hasnt said that.

I cant believe they've added milk now

So we can never rely on 'trusty' safe food for out kids? We have to always check incase they add stuff? That sucks!

ariane5 Wed 29-Aug-12 09:14:52

Def the treats that matter, ds little face when i told him we are going out to buy jammie dodgers!

Parties are an absolute nightmare for us, ds has his own little box of food and has to sit away from other children after an incident of swelling up last year after sitting next to everybody else eating pizza sad

freefrommum Wed 29-Aug-12 09:15:23

Obviously need to watch out for Pom Bear crisps as they definitely DO contain milk nowadays but clearly didn't before. I hate it when they change ingredients - grrrrrr!!!

RationalBrain Wed 29-Aug-12 09:28:29

Bugger, will definitely have to double check all the packets now. Again.

Still, excited by the pesto!

Jojay Wed 29-Aug-12 09:37:39

Glad I'm not going mad over the Pom Bears - I started doubting myself for a bit but I've definitely found some before that are dairy free. Sounds like we have to check every packet - how tedious!

openerofjars Wed 29-Aug-12 14:54:10

DS won't bloody well eat the Tesco gingerbread men. He cries because they are people with faces and buttons on their clothes, even when they are the only available biscuit.

Bloody Shrek.

kate2boysandabump Wed 29-Aug-12 15:03:29

The Moshi Monsters birthday cake I got from Sainsburys was milk free and I think egg free, but not sure. One of ds's friends has a milk allergy and was thrilled to eat cake at a party. His mum asked me to check, I'd just assumed cake was a no go area for him

ThisOnce Wed 29-Aug-12 15:04:25

So I know they're processed crap, but sometimes when you're restricted in diet some processed crap you can eat is kind of cheering...

I found Mr Kipling Apple and Blackcurrant Pies that are egg, dairy and soya free!

abigboydidit Wed 29-Aug-12 15:13:30

Processed crap is what this thread is all about! Great tip off - cheers!

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Wed 29-Aug-12 17:07:03

Pom Bears DEFINITELY contained milk 3 years ago when DD1 was milk allergic.

Waitrose have quite a few biscuits - bourbons, Nice, almond ones.

I love chocolate Oatly heated up - yum! Must try Kara though - i'd assumed it would taste coconutty, and while I love coconut, I don't want it in my coffee!

Dairy and egg free doughnuts?!!!

mamij Wed 29-Aug-12 19:42:12

What's really annoying is Green and Blacks hot chocolate used to be milk powder free. Just finished baking with DD1 and wanted to buy another jar, only to find that they've added milk powder to it! Love the Mr Kiplings tip off!

mintyneb Wed 29-Aug-12 19:57:46

Tesco own brand angel layer cake is milk free as are weightwatchers lemon slices :-)

trixymalixy Wed 29-Aug-12 21:21:34

You're kidding mamij!! Will have to find another brand of hot chocolate. I bloody hate it when companies change recipes for the worse or discontinue things, I'm looking at you Allergycare my kids loved Whizzers chocolate beans and footballs sad angry

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Wed 29-Aug-12 21:49:45

I'm confused about New York bagels being on here - we've had to keep buying Waitrose's own (which aren't as nice) for DD2, who's inherited her sister's CMPA.

Approximately Wed 29-Aug-12 21:54:29

Essential Waitrose Drinking Chocolate.

ouryve Thu 30-Aug-12 08:42:38

Mamij - when a recipe calls specifically for drinking chocolate, I just use half and half cocoa and sugar - which is pretty much all that's in the cafe direct one!

InMySpareTime Thu 30-Aug-12 22:11:55

Nesquik is milk free (may well also be egg free) I use it for hot chocolate.
Birds custard powder (the one where you add milk) is milk and egg free.
Tesco angel cake sometimes contains milk, always check.
Kellogg's coco pops are milk free (own brand aren't)
Fair trade double choc chip cookies are milk free too (I haven't checked that for a while though)

RunsWithScissors Thu 30-Aug-12 23:54:37

Just looked at the link for the mr kiplings pies, they have milk protein listed.

AuntPepita Fri 31-Aug-12 00:17:18

The Mr Kiplings apple/blackberry pies were fine last year as were soreen squishy banana cake.

I always thought Pom bears had milk protein.

(but recipies change all the time unfortunately)

Bourbon biscuits - sainsbos and probably others

Jus-Roll puff pastry

Jus-Roll make your own pain au chocolat (they have it in Waitrose in the fridge section)/make your own croissants

Health food shop only but I can't live without Plamil egg free mayonnaise (not the organic, or rice, just the regular one) delish.

Beef & Tomato Pot noodles (guilty secret)

Good life (I think) Glamorgan leek & cauliflower sausages (in waitrose) the cheesiest tasting thing with no cheese in it you will ever taste. (even the shelf ticket says cheese and leek - but they are dairy free.)

Linda McCartney country pies (nice and savoury) and mushroom and ale (not my favourite) pies

Nairns biscuits - there are 4 varieties including the choc chip.

Green & Blacks probably doesn't have milk in (see their website)

They have discontinued whizzers shock???

Maz007 Fri 31-Aug-12 02:22:41

Pain au chocolat?!? Whatever next! Brilliant!

The apple and blackcurrant Mr Kipling pies are fine - the link shows the ingredients for the apple ones which weirdly have milk :-S

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