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Contact allergy to preservatives (methylisothiazolinone) -moisturisers, shampoos etc

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Queenslander Tue 17-Jan-12 13:52:32

I have finally had all my allergy testing done by NHS which confirms I am not allergic to anything else except methylisothiazolinone. This is a preservative found in lots of things. Problem is it is in many facial and body moisturisers. I have googled for hours but I have been unseccessful at finding products that I could use.

It is a contact allergy - so nasty itching then redness , blisters and watery red eyes etc. So all the products I use are making my skin worse and the eye creams are the worst.

Has anyone a similar allergy and does anyone know of any products that would be suitable. The perfumes etc in products are ok for me - it is this preservative tha is the problem.

It is shampoos, soaps, moisturisers, water based paint etc etc.

SOS - need help.

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BlackCatsAndPurpleDogs Tue 17-Jan-12 16:47:41

You should be ok with Lush stuff. Have a look here

Click on soap or shampoo etc, and find one you like the look of, and on its page is a list of ingredients.

Karma (solid shampoo/soap/perfume) is gorgeous.

browneyesblue Tue 17-Jan-12 17:18:05

I have a similar contact allergy to parabens. Finding suitable products was overwhelming at first as parabens are used as preservatives in so many things, but after a few months of reading ingredient lists and researching online I have actually found that there are loads of suitable products.

I use a lot of Dr.Hauschka skincare - they are gorgeous, if a little pricey, and a full list of ingredients can be found online. You can buy online or at a number of high street stores.

For my hair, I use TommyGuns products. I just checked the Pomegranate & Orange shampoo in my bathroom, and methylisothiazolinone isn't an ingredient (unless it goes by a different name). I have some Louise Galvin conditioner that looks safe too.

I use mineral makeup. I would recommend Lily Lolo. Again, all the ingredients are on the website, but from what I remember they should be safe. It takes a while to get the hang of mineral makeup, but it's worth giving it a go, and it's much better for your skin. Lily Lolo sell some cheap sample sizes to try out.

My advice is to quickly get yourself the basics, then take your time researching alternatives without the pressure of having to find something quickly. You'll be surprised how much is out there. Also, when I have run out of shampoo I have been known to use my DS's - a lot of children's products are fine to use to. I just checked and Halos N Horns is methylisothiazolinone free, as is Johnson's baby shampoo. It's worth bearing in mind if you have children, as you'll want to avoid contact from their products too.

browneyesblue Tue 17-Jan-12 17:26:20

It's also worth going to Boots/Superdrug/supermarket and just reading through the ingredients of things. I found a small range of products I could use in my local Tesco, and was also able to rule things out. Googling didn't produce the most helpful information.

covkimbo Thu 19-Jan-12 14:34:02

Wikaniko also have a great range of health and beauty products with no parabens or nasty chemicals... all online unless you have a local distributor but you can become a co-op customer (free) and buy at wholesale prices. I can supply more info if req'd

thirtysomething Thu 19-Jan-12 14:37:48

I have the same allergy. Have discovered all L'oreal shampoos and conditioners are fine. Most washing detergents are fine but some fabric conditioners have it in (you just have to check labels). All palmolive/radox bath and shower products, liquid soaps etc are fine as far as I know. Also check washing-up liquid - all Asda own brand and indeed most Fairy liquids have it in (I call it the long "M" word as can never remember it unless I see it written down!)

Also watch out for sun creams - many do have it in, though Boots Soltan all seem fine.

Queenslander Thu 19-Jan-12 16:07:31

Hi everyone, Thanks for all the hints. Methyl Isothiazolinones + methylchloro Isothiasolinone does go under various names FYI :2-Methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one.
Amerstat 250
Euxyl K 100
Fennosan IT 21
Grotan TK2
Kathon CG
Mergal K7
Metatin GT
Methylisothiazolinone (MI)
Mitco CC 32 L

My big struggle is with finding facial care - moisturisers etc and makeup. Lots of VERY well known barnds include this as a preservative. I guess I can't say here which brands but if you want to know then email me and I can tell you. I can rule out Olay, Nivea and here is the one that upsets many a sensitive soul Eucerin. Also the new "greener" water based paints contain it as a preservative. The list is endless. Sigh.

Googling has been tiresome. So emailing companies directly now to ask specifically if they use this ingredient in their products.

So for all of you that have this allergy I can pass this on if you wish. I am not sure if Mumsnet would be unhappy about posting this info regarding brands on their site? Any advice on that.

Thanks all


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covkimbo Thu 19-Jan-12 17:07:00

i find this website useful

chasingpaper Thu 19-Jan-12 17:11:43

How about the oil cleansing method

gshall10 Sun 15-Jul-12 05:35:51

I also found I had this allergy after testing through private healthcare last year. The maim trigger for my reactions are baby wipes and baby bubble bath/shampoo..not ideal when you have a 2 & 3 year old. I have since discovered that the baby Simple range is Methylisothiazolinone free as are all Body Shop products (they confirmed this to me via e-mail). I am currently on holiday though and it seems all our suncreams(boots soltan once) are laced with Methylisothiazolinone so I'm itching like mad. Anyone know of any alternatives?

LouMatthews Wed 13-Feb-13 11:35:11

Hi there, just found your notes on Methylchloroisothiazolinone allergy. Baby 8 months old now and my,hands are ruined!! I was wondering if I could have your list of products that do/don't contain this product? I use Clinique and it seems fine - is this on your list as ok? Pretty sure the main issue is the baby wipes - any suggestions of good ones? Pampers sensitive seem ok. Such a relief to see your blog and try and work out how to get my hands back to normal.
Lou xxx

Katy1234567 Sat 02-Mar-13 17:08:44

I have found many natural and organic brands are safe to use, if they are really 100% natural.

Other product lines I use are:

Natures Gate products
Oil of Olay
Rodin & Fields

My hairdresser and I went through all of her products and made note of which ones I can use, and which I can't. So now i have that on file when i get my hair done, which is such a Relief to not have to worry about it every time. i find that it's not that hard to find products that I can use, it's just a matter of reading labels.

Katy1234567 Sat 02-Mar-13 17:09:26

Burt's Bees works too.

thekitchenfairy Sat 02-Mar-13 17:18:10

I use Jason's vitamin e oil or rosado mosqueta rose hip oil as a moisturiser, which I get from my local health shop. Rose water is a great toner. Jason's make a range of shower creams shampoos etc that are free of this, to the cheapest but often on bogof deals in health shops.

0000G Wed 01-May-13 14:21:18

A friend of mine makes her own natural skin and hair care range which doesn't contain any nasties, she sells online and at markets -, also check out sheaalchemy on facebook. She gets great feedback from her customers and offers good discounts from facebook. Good luck!

JustinaG Fri 20-Sep-13 14:02:49

After seeing watchdog last night this must be what I am allergic to.
I have trouble with wipes mainly but shampoo more recently.
I use Surcare washing up liquid which is fine.
Thanks for the help, lots of investigating to do.

Stella12 Sat 21-Sep-13 23:05:57

I have had reactions to all Piz Brun products, I now use Morrisons sun creams & after sun - they're fab and a fraction of the price!!
I also had a reaction to Huggies Babywipes, I now use Simple babywipes instead.

Claire223344 Wed 18-Dec-13 22:59:03

Oriflame do not use MIT (Methylisothiazolanone) in their products.
Elvive do not use it either. Their anti-dandruff shampoo (blue bottle) is particularly good for the allergic reaction to it. I get a severe reaction on my hands if I touch it. A nurse advised me to get it & was the best advice ever. Most washing-up liquids have it. ASDA own brand doesn't so I use that. Paraffin gel helps moisturise tender skin but if you get an allergy even this will hurt. It took my skin 2 months to settle after I stopped using MIT. I have to be always vigilant to have my own soap & shampoo everywhere I go. Avoid liquid soaps at all costs. Hope this helps :-)

OrganicEssex Fri 03-Jan-14 17:46:11

I am an organic beauty therapist and MI allergy sufferer - I have found that Neal's Yard Remedies are the very best products to use... I can use all their ranges and they are really good too! No synthetic chemicals, preservatives, perfumes, animal testing or anything nasty smile

I am happy to send samples to anyone who would like to try some. Please get in touch via my therapy website or my NYR consultants site My contact details are on both.

mohinderdosanjh2002 Mon 20-Oct-14 21:28:46

I would really appreciate your support if you please sign the petition to ban a nasty preservative that is used in everyday household products, toiletry and cosmetics.

It is found in most commonly used products (shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps, hand wash creams, face wipes, baby nappy wipes, detergents, laundry washing liquids, fabric softeners, cosmetics including toothpastes, sunscreen lotions, moisturisers, lipsticks, foundations etc).

I am badly allergic to this preservative so is 10% of the UK population. I have to keep using the steroid creams to calm the rashes that I get from using every day products containing this.
It is a big struggle to find products free from this nasty preservative.
Please use the link below to sign the petition:

Please pass this link on to all your contacts.

mohinderdosanjh2002 Mon 20-Oct-14 21:41:52

This nasty preservative is Methylisothiazolinone. Helen Hughes started the ePetition on government websites to ban this toxic preservative in the UK. I have joined the campaign to get over 10,000 signatures to get our message across to the relevant Government departments.

Please support this petition by signing it and getting your family and friends to sign it.

MissBeans Mon 01-Jun-15 21:28:26


Phoebe05 Thu 28-Jan-16 09:56:48

I have been reading your discussion about being allergic to Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) (and all the other names that this chemical appears under). My understanding is that MIT is something used as a replacement Paraben, the preservative used in a lot of products. MIT is banned worldwide and in the European Union too. It will take about 4 years for this substance to disappear off our shelves here in the UK - manufacturers need to find a replacement substance and it takes a long time to get it onto our shelves. I have a severe reaction to MIT and it is a long process to find products to use as it appears in the most innocuous of products. Watch out for washing up liquid and Nivea Soft Cream! I have thrown out the majority of my cosmetics but have found out one piece of good news. No 7 at Boots have already taken this substance out of just about ALL their products so at least you can fall back on something while you slowly work your way through your cosmetic bag!
There is quite a helpful forum, try Googling EWG if you want further information.

Ade17 Wed 14-Sep-16 20:33:09

I am an Neal's Yard remedies Organic consultant I had a bad reaction and what made me change and become a consultant was the clarity in the products ingredients. No Msg no MI no nano o parabens, no animal testing, I was shocked to discover that the Famous brands I was using same or higher price range than NYRO were full of nasties. I recommend you check the labels and try using NYR is free from all those nasties - best of luck x

Kiim91 Sun 18-Dec-16 19:14:31

Anyone have a list of shampoos/conditioners and moisturisers without MI (and it's various other names!) - forums I've read are out of date i.e. They say tresemè doesn't have it - and I've just read my conditioner bottle and it does have it in!

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