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Does anyone have a child with ADHD linked to CMPI/A?

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banjaxed Mon 24-Oct-11 11:44:25

We strongly suspect that DD (4.5) has symptoms of this. Having spoken to the HV we are on a 3 week dairy free trial with her to see how that goes. School haven't flagged her up as anything more serious than rushing through tasks and being an incurable chatterbox, but after a few incidents of dairy-rich foods being followed by pale face, dark circles under eyes, interminable fidgetyness, speaking utter gibberish, interrupting constantly and speaking at volume we have decided to see if the uncontrollable nature of her personality are lessened in any way without dairy. She was strongly CMPI as a baby with raging reflux, blood in stools and diarrhoea. She was also intolerant of wheat/gluten until she was 2 so this is also at the back of our minds. I hadn't suspected diet was causing her impulsiveness (she is a very confident and outgoing girl) until we trialled DD2 with dairy after her reflux issues and she was so hyper the childminder commented on it, and we hadn't told her about the trial in advance so it wasn't just us.

I don't know much about allergies and behaviour at all so was wondering if anyone has any dc with similar issues?

Twinklebum Mon 24-Oct-11 14:42:49

my ds has be dx with adhd, he is not on meds but i use his diet to control his symptoms. he seems to have issues with dairy, pork, addditives, citrus fruits, berries, grapes and sugar however i have recently trialed him back on small amounts of sugar and grapes and they no longer seem to have a adverse effect on him.

he is still very hyper, chatty and impulsive but not as much as before and he has fewer aggressive outbursts.

auntevil Mon 24-Oct-11 15:14:40

My DS with dx dyspraxia, SPD, hypermobility also has a dx of IBS and intolerance to CMP fructose and sucrose. I think that many of the threads on the Special Needs pages link diet and dx - and how changing the diet can help. Personally I have always wondered with the fructose and sucrose that if you can't process a food properly, you can't store it easily, you can't access it's benefits properly. With the CMP and the quite rapid consequences (TMI!) that you are never going to be on your best behaviour if your stomachs churning, your body is fighting 'aliens', pains and cramps, and you're meant to sit still and listen!

banjaxed Mon 24-Oct-11 16:09:19

Did you do a full elimination diet to work these things out or was it trial and error?

auntevil Tue 25-Oct-11 11:36:49

All 3 DS suffer from IBS symptoms and have that as a working dx from the gastroenterologist whilst they try to work out what triggers their problems. There are quite a few tests that drs and gastroenterologists can do to confirm. There are blood tests, stool tests and hydrogen breathe tests - none of them hugely invasive (apart from taking blood!). DS3 has just done a gfcf (gluten and casein - cows milk protein) diet. It was on advice from a dietician. He was already dx as casein free from a biopsy done when he had an endoscopy (very invasive! grin), so it wasn't too bad as i only had to cut out gluten. School noticed immediately that he didn't soil anywhere near as much. When he went back on gluten, not only did he soil constantly, but his behaviour was more stroppy. School think its conclusive that gluten affects him. I have a dieticians appt. in a couple of weeks to discuss the findings.

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