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Where do i buy grey COTTON school trousers?

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nobodysfool Mon 17-Oct-11 20:14:02

DS (6) has eczema.The run of the mill trousers with a poly/vicsose mix is causing his legs to really flare up at the moment.
Found the perfect ones in Tesco but they dont have his size.He is a very tall so needs 7-8 year old ones.
Can you suggest where i else i can try apart from the majorly expensive ones in on the eczema site??
ANy help is greatly appreciated.

nobodysfool Mon 17-Oct-11 20:53:48

ggrrrr found them at marks and spencers as well but they are also our of stock.

ChocaMum Mon 17-Oct-11 22:18:17

I buy a lot of clothes for dd from 'cotton comforts eczema clothing' online. They do school clothes and grey trousers too, HTH.

Bilbomum Tue 18-Oct-11 09:04:43

I had this problem as well with ds and found that H&M do dark grey canvas trousers that work well for us. They're a bit of a skinny fit and are styled more like jeans but they don't look too different from the standard ones (they look quite cool actually!). School have never said anything. They're about £5.99 and you can order them from the H&M website.

nobodysfool Tue 18-Oct-11 13:17:33

thanks for the ideas.
The eczema ones are a bit too pricey tbh and the school wouldnt allow the H&M ones..argh...

Practicallyperfectnot Tue 18-Oct-11 14:09:48

Try British Home Stores. We had cotton uniform from there a few years ago.

CasaBevron Tue 18-Oct-11 16:28:58

Is it that they didn't have his size or that they don't make his size? They have loads of school clothes to buy online if that would help? It looks as though the same styles go across from younger into older boys so you might find them there.

Bilbomum Thu 20-Oct-11 10:09:34

Sorry not logged on for a couple of days nobodysfool - I thought the school might not allow the H&M ones but when I explained the situation (in a firm manner!) they were fine about it. I couldn't contemplate getting the eczema ones - ds went through about 7 pairs in his first year!

bruffin Thu 20-Oct-11 11:46:05

m&S have grey skinkind trousers in the sale

bruffin Thu 20-Oct-11 11:47:07

apologies don't have the right size

nobodysfool Thu 20-Oct-11 21:31:01

Thanks all.I have foundthe size he need 7-8 to be out of stock everywhere.Emalied Tesco to see if they were getting answer yet (now thers a surprise).
No cotton ones in BHS sadly.
Bilbomum - may have to do the same.
Bruffin - you tease !!

duchesse Thu 20-Oct-11 21:36:48

I had some once from Gap. But Gap is so seasonal.

Could you get away with cord like some prep schools have- like these.?

duchesse Thu 20-Oct-11 21:38:13

Not cheap but one does find things in the strangest places.

Practicallyperfectnot Fri 21-Oct-11 09:30:18

Do look at Mumsnet Loans and Grants page as there may be funding for the expensive cotton trousers. Also ask Eczema Society for ideas re funding and suppliers. Don you have a school uniform supplier near you who may be able to source some cotton trousers for you? Eg a shop dealing with lots of schools (probably mostly secondary).

hadak Sun 23-Oct-11 15:14:52

Hi I had same problem with my son. I did buy the cotton comfort ones as they are lovely and soft but he did go throuugh the knees very quickly. We e entually found Some at Asda very cheap and weefine although they were black and not the charcoal grey. Other option is a very light pair od cotton pj bottoms under standard trousers maybe? Good luck

vealvwhe Tue 09-Apr-13 10:32:43

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