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Has my child got an allergy or just turned into a poo machine!

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miaboo Mon 17-Oct-11 08:59:33

Hi All
Any advice really needed!
My little boy is 11 months old and 2 weeks ago started to have dirreaha after every meal this went on for 10 days and included 2 trips to the hospital, still waiting on test results but they think he may have had gaestroentiritus which had given him a lactose intolerence but should go once he was better he was having at least 7 loose nappies a day, by wednesday it had stopped completely and solid poos returned! that lasted until Friday and has now returned 1 on saturday and 2 yesterday, and 1 already by 8.30am today, has he developed an allergy all I can think of is that before he was ill he may of had a mcdonalds fishfinger but cant be sure, I do know that he had one this saturday before the start of the dirreaha again but could this really be the trigger? sorry for the awful spelling!

tinytalker Mon 17-Oct-11 11:55:47

It is possible that your little one has an intolerance to a certain food. Every time my dd eats an apple she gets diarrhea, I noticed this from age 18months and she still has this at 6yrs. So we just steer clear of apples! The best way to see if there's a link to foods is to keep a food diary of everything he is eating and drinking for at least 4 weeks. When his stomach is bad put a red mark/line on that day, after a few weeks look at all the bad days and then underline any common foods. You should see a pattern start to develop, then you can start to eliminate these foods to see if symptoms improve.
This is what any GP would advice you to do, so get started with this so if you then decide to go to the GP you can take it with you.

PigletJohn Mon 17-Oct-11 12:33:40

is he on any medication? antibiotics can cause it as they interfere with natural bacteria in the gut. I'm told organic yoghurt can help repopulate these.

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