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Oatly-how to store when travelling

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sagarika Sat 15-Oct-11 09:54:18

hi there,

I was breast feeding my ds until now(he's one). He is allergic to cows milk in addition to other foods. His eczema is not improving despite me having a strict diet eliminating the foods he's allergic to. So the doctors now advised to stop bf and see if his eczema improves. They advised oatly as milk supplement. My question is does it come in small cartons apart from the 1 L packs coz he normally does not drink more than 150 mls at one go. I know I can store the rest in the fridge. But how do I manage when travelling or out and about. Does an open pack remains fresh for long. Is it possible to carry it at room temp for few hrs.

Would be grateful if anyone can respond to this thread. Thanks

CMOTdibbler Sat 15-Oct-11 10:01:42

Why not get a little stainless steel flask, then you can carry around as much as you want and it will stay nice and cool. I'm sure it doesn't harm from being at room temp when open, but its convenient

freefrommum Sat 15-Oct-11 14:44:50

Hi sagarika has your doctor given you any reason why he/she is not prescribing a hypoallergenic formula like Nutramigen rather than oatly milk? At the age of 1 I would suggest that your DS needs the nutritional content of a hypoallergenic formula if you are going to stop breast feeding. Beware, some GPs try not to prescribe it simply because of cost so you may need to fight for what is best for your little one - don't be fobbed off. I would also suggest that you see a dietician if you haven't already.

sagarika Sat 15-Oct-11 15:20:02

Hi freefrommum this was advised by the consultant allergy/eczema paediatrician as well as the dietician and not by the gp. Sorry if my post was misleading. My ds reacted to hypoallergenic formula!! Although he was tested for soya which was negative they nonetheless advised oatly.

freefrommum Sat 15-Oct-11 22:52:28

Glad to hear DS under consultant and dietician. Can I ask which formula he reacted to? My DS also couldn't tolerate hydrolysed formula (eg Nutramigen) so was given Neocate which is an elemental formula and very unlikely to cause any reactions even in the most allergic children as the protein is broken down into amino acids. However, it is VERY expensive and I did encouter some initial resistance to prescribing it but DS is still on it now and he's 4. Sorry I can't help with the storage issue for oatly as we've never used it.

babybarrister Sun 16-Oct-11 10:00:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChocaMum Mon 17-Oct-11 22:02:05

Only the oatly cream comes in small cartons I'm afraid.

We carry some milk in the small children's thermos flasks and I put this inside a small cool bag (the cool bags for bottled/formula milk) and put in a small ice pack too. This seems to keep it at fridge temperature, and I just throw away anything left over at the end of the day just in case. I Am probably being very OTT though!

sagarika Tue 18-Oct-11 21:20:39

Hi freefrommum he reacted to both aptamil and cow &gate pepti. We tried neocate but he wouldnt take it because of the taste. He gags everytime I give it to him. I can't bear to see him like that so I gave up.

I think the flask is a good idea cmotdibbler and chocamum. I will get one.

Also wanted to ask you all where is he going to get the all important fat and iron because oatly is fortified with only calcium and vitamins. Will protein and green veg twice a day in his meals suffice. And veg oil or olive oil for fat? I can't give him many things because of his multiple food allergies. This really gets me down at times.....

garliclover Wed 19-Oct-11 11:24:29

Oh, sagarika, what a nightmare for you? Which other foods is your DS allergic to? Mine is allergic to dairy, eggs, wheat, sesame and lentils and this is how I try to get fat and iron into his diet (and the otherwise quite useless dietician we see has at least confirmed this is enough). Apologies for sounding like a complete control-freak:

The weekly meal plan is based around 14 main meals a week, made up of:
red meat x 3
oily fish x 2 (and mostly tinned sardines for the massive calcium content)
chicken or turkey x 2 (turkey has much more iron than chicken, and dark meat much more than white)
white fish x 2
pulses or other vegetarian protein x 5 (baked beans make up at least 2 of these meals, because of the calcium; I also use a lot of quinoa because of high iron content)

Also, for breakfast he gets Readybrek every other morning, and the rest of the time iron-fortified stuff like Wholegrain Rice Krispies or Oatibix.

For fat, I put Oatly cream or Pure spread or olive oil or sunflower oil into pretty much everything: his readybrek, on his rice cakes/crispbreads, mashed potato, mashed squash.

And I give him a vitamin supplement including vits C & D after breakfast (half a dose) and after dinner (the other half). The vit C helps iron absorption, especially when the iron is not in meat and therefore not so easily absorbed by the body (i.e. fortified cereal, vegetarian meals).


freefrommum Wed 19-Oct-11 13:06:44

I used to add mild olive oil to most of DS's food when he was little and I gave him mashed banana and avocado a lot. Avocado is great because it's so nutritious and full of 'good' fat.

sagarika Wed 19-Oct-11 22:16:14

Hi garliclover,thanks for your post. Apart from milk, my ds is also allergic to nuts, eggs, tomatoes (can't give him any tomato based food) and possibly pulses, pineapple and apricots. He is due for another set of allergy tests next week.

I try and give him animal protein twice a day plus lots of green veg like broccoli, peas, beans and spinach. I will try pulses after he's tested next week. there's always something new that he's seems to be allergic to plus his eczema!!!It's not fair on these innocent children to suffer so much... I feel so helpless at times. I got a bit emotional here. Sorry about that.

I havnt tried oatly cream. Didn't see it in the supermarket shelves when I bought the oatly milk. Will try and get some next time. Thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions

ChocaMum Thu 20-Oct-11 20:52:26

sagarika I completely understand, I get emotional all the time thinking how unfair it is and how awful it is for dd. simple things like meeting up with friends requires so much planning and dd is at the age where she wants to eat what everyone else is having but doesn't understand about the danger of it so it makes my heart break having to see her getting upset about not eating so many foods. You are not alone, please feel free to offload and have a good moan, there aren't many people who can understand what it feels like so just let it all out here.

I'm still surprised though that they're recommending you stop bf. our dd (20 mo) drinks good hemp milk which has a bit more protein and calcium than oatly. I also use oatly cream and pure spread in practically every meal to bulk up the fat content, and mix some cream into her milk too.

If you are giving lots of animal meat and green veg then you are very likely to be giving enough iron. Also like garlic said most cereals are fortified with calcium and iron.

We have been prescribed dalivit vitamin drops and calcium supplements too for dd, but all children under 5 should be on a multivitamin drop (avoid abidec - it contains groundnut/peanut oil.) vitamin c helps iron absorption by the body so having some fresh fruit every day will help with that. my dd loves blueberries which are full of it! And I also often use avocado mashed up as a spread to make sandwiches with which dd seems to like, and is nice and quick for when we are out and about.

HTH and good luck. smile

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