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maybe a sausage allergy??

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XmummykinsX Wed 05-Oct-11 11:25:06

My daughter of 7 (8 in jan) has always suffered with night terrors as far as we can remember, she falls asleep and roughly an hour later she wakes up confused, crying and mumbling.
About a year ago we went out and had take away sausage and chips.
About an hour after she fell asleep she woke up crying, we thought it was normal night terrors but she was then violently sick.
This has happened quiet a few times now on sausages from different chip shops. Also she has done it one time with home cooked sausage but i chucked the wrapper away and took out the bin bag that night and for the life of me i cannot remember which brand it was sad
Last night we tried a ready made spag bol from sainsburys and she had exactly the same as with the sausages.
Im just trying to find out really if anyone has had the same sort of problem?
I mentioned it to the dr and he looked at me like i had gone completely mad.
Reading up on the internet i have found alot of people have had a simular type thing but with sausage and bacon. My daughter is perfectly fine with bacon.
I must mention she only has this reaction roughly an hour after she falls asleep. after she is sick, she goes really talkative and seems almost over hyperactive which is a bit unlike her.
Any ideas or help?? smile X

garliclover Wed 05-Oct-11 11:53:06

Just wondering whether sulfites could be the trigger here? They're often found in sausages and other processed foods, and can cause allergic reactions.

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