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Has anyone's child had an allergic reaction to Ventolin/Salbutamol?

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entertainingangel Sun 02-Oct-11 19:28:23

My ds 4yrs 2months had his first dose of Salbutamol this week. Almost instantly he grabbed his chest in agony and it came and went every couple of minutes for 2 hours. The dr he'd seen before decided on the phone it was probably just his intercostal muscles and wouldn't see him for ages, I was at the surgery about to ring an ambulance as he was in such distress when a doctor came out to see him, he wouldn't let us go home for 2 hours, he was so worried about him. It eventually wore off and was definitely NOT his intercostal muscles hurting as a result of coughing. I found a website saying that Ventolin can cause chest pain though the doctors were sceptical and said they'd never seen it before. Nevertheless, told me never to give it to him again, said it was either the Ventolin itself or the propellent he was allergic to. Anyone else heard of it??

garliclover Mon 03-Oct-11 10:24:41

I haven't heard of this either, though I had wondered about it. Not Salbutamol but the brown inhaler, which my DS (15 mo) has just begun using. He always gets very irritable or excited for about an hour after using it. As for the Salbutamol, he always reacts by running about madly for about 20 minutes. Apparently it's because it raises the heart rate (especially at the dose we have been using recently -- 10 puffs every 4 hours, now gradually reducing it).

So am sorry, no answers, but will be watching this thread with interest.

freefrommum Mon 03-Oct-11 22:11:52

Sorry, I too have never heard of such an allergy but I guess it's perfectly possible to be allergic to any medicine. garliclover you're right about the salbutamol making them hyper, especially when they're ill and need a lot of it. And the reason the brown inhaler often makes them a bit funny is because it contains steroid. Always made me laugh when DS was admitted with his chest that they'd fill him with steroids and loads of salbutamol then tell me to keep him calm and not let him run around!!! No chance! He was high as a kite no matter how low his oxygen sats were, every time they gave him the 10 puffs of salbutamol, he'd be running around the ward like a nutter.

Salbutamol gives me the shakes and makes my heart race. I hated taking it so much I stopped using it blush Whe I went back on my inhalers this year I requested a different one instead - still gives me the jitters in large doses, but not nearly as much as the old one did.

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