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Breast rash

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Mollcat Sun 02-Oct-11 09:38:06

Just a long shot but... for those who breastfed/are breastfeeding, did you ever notice you had a rash on your breasts too?

Mine looks/feels like eczema (I get eczema anyway but never on my breasts until now). It responds a bit to hydrocortisone but not to e.g. Daktarin. I've had thrush so I know what that looks/feels like, and this is at the top of the breasts anyway, nowhere near the nipple. It started when I started BFing though thinking back it may have been there in later pregnancy too, and seems to get worse the more I BF (have had supply issues - long story).

I'm on a dairy elimination diet right now to try and help my DS who has all the "usual" symptoms of dairy allergy/intolerance. I'm wondering if perhaps we're sensitive to the same thing, and now that my breasts have "matured" the offending substance is in the milk ducts and somehow causing the rash there.

chareesoso Sun 02-Oct-11 22:03:32

Hi, i know how you feel i had it with my children. I found that when you finished feeding the baby to just rub a bit of the milk around your nipples it helps and keeps them moist. If it is thrush you can always go to the gp and they will check you and baby because in my case i would clear myself but baby had thrush in mouth so we would just pass it on to each other. Also dont put any nipple cream on them as i found that they made it worse by drying them up. I hoope this helps x x

greenbananas Mon 03-Oct-11 07:29:03

Maybe get your doctor or HV to take a look at it?

You're right, it doesn't sound like thrush. I don't think it's likely to be anything to do with what's in your milk (although I am not dismissing that possibility, I just don't see how it could be).

Might you be having a skin reaction to something - e.g. synthetic lace on the top of a nursing bra?

Mollcat Mon 03-Oct-11 08:48:36

None of my nursing bras are that exciting... all pure cotton and washed in non-bio.

I'm pretty sure it isn't thrush as it's in the wrong place and I've had thrush (nothing like it). GP prescribed daktacort which helps; daktarin on its own didn't so I'm assuming it's that corticorsteroid which is helping.

It looks just like the eczema I have elsewhere but I've never had it on my breasts until now. It's not where I would touch them, it's right at the top, where the ducts start I guess. Weird.

I don't see how it could be related either but will be interesting to see if it goes when I find whatever is upsetting LO. He was doing better and I was less itchy but it came back for both of us a bit last night this morning so I am adding beef to the list of suspects.

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