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Yeo valley yogurt

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octopusinabox Sat 24-Sep-11 15:24:53

Has anyone has problems with this with regards to nut allergies/intolerances. I have an intolerance to almonds but have normally been fine with foods that don't obviously have it in the ingredients. The last two times I've had this yogurt I've ended up with a stomach ache and sickness which is my intolerance symptom to almond.

I may well be intolerant to something else but don't think so. Has anyone else found a problem with this yogurt? Are there any other fat/sweetener free yogurts that are nut free safe?

ChocaMum Sun 25-Sep-11 19:29:34

My DD who is allergic to nuts can't have yeo valley yoghurts. I buy the total 0% fat Greek 0% style yoghurts for me as she is sensitive to touch too so I can eat it and not worry about her having a reaction from me.

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