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Cows milk and formula intolerance and confusion. Can you help?

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YouHaveNoPowerOverMe Thu 22-Sep-11 08:17:11

My one year old ds2 is still BF.

I can't express a great deal at all so from 8 months old he was going to nursery 2 mornings a week with a bottle of formula.

He's always had nappy rash on and off even though we did everything we could to prevent it but we never made a connection.

We started giving him little bits of cows milk to sip at about 11 1/2 months but that evening he got a massive bright red angry nappy rash with blisters and bleeding. I stopped the cows milk and formula and got his rash cleared up in 2 days (the wonders of camomile tea baths) He was rash free for a whole week until we sent him back into nursery with a bottle of formula. The rash appeared again that same evening. We haven't given him formula or cows milk since and absolutely no bum rash since.

So I took ds to the doctor who pretty much dismissed him having an intolerance or allergy. This based on the fact he still eats cheese and yoghurts and that I haven't cut dairy out of my diet completely. I mean it seems strange to me too that he can still have these things and it doesn't cause a problem.

Am I way off the Mark here? What else can it be? And seen as though he needs 2x 6oz bottles (they transfer into a cup when there) of milk for nursery and I can't even express enough for one bottle, what can I give him instead?

Iggly Thu 22-Sep-11 21:16:43

Cheese and highness are more processed and easier to digest than cows milk. DS has a similar problem - ok with cheese/yoghurt but no way can he have cows milk.

Does he only go to nursery two mornings? He won't need the milk if it's only a couple of days? Your other options are to give calcium fortified oat milk or coconut milk as still being BF and having other dairy he'll be ok. This is what I do with DS.

Iggly Thu 22-Sep-11 21:17:13

Highness?! I meant yoghurt. Bloody phone autocorrect!

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