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Where to go for allergy testing in Essex/London please?

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BackToB4Beatrice Mon 19-Sep-11 14:51:49

Am going private for skin prick and blood testing for DD.

Have absolutely no idea how to go about this, or where to go, anybody have any recommendations?

Also what should I expect? DD has been on Nutramigen AA since she was 6 months old because of eczema, and still have had regular flare ups and has had two reasonably severe reactions, one too a jar of pasta sauce (tomato based), and one to horses. In both cases her eyes swelled to nearly closing, and the horse reaction has got progressively worse the mire times she has cone in to contact with them.

Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Beatrice x

ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs Mon 19-Sep-11 14:55:11

I went to either the Essex Nuffield or BUPA in Brentwood.
You would need a referral from your GP though wouldn't you?

eragon Mon 19-Sep-11 15:07:12

you get reffered to london clinics, as st thomas, and st marys , ring the anaphylaxis campaign for nearest doc names to you.

BackToB4Beatrice Mon 19-Sep-11 15:43:49

Saw GP today, he said they may or may not need a referral, but if they do I'm to call him and he will write me a letter.

Spoke to Springfield today, secretary wasn't sure, can I go straight to a allergy DR (sure there is a real name, please feel free to enlighten me!) or do I have to see a pedatrition first??

Thanks again x

Acekicker Mon 19-Sep-11 15:44:28

Depending on whereabouts in Essex you are, you might also have the option of Addenbrookes which has paediatric allergy specialists; it may be worth looking into if you're in the northern bit of Essex...

I would imagine they would do testing for the specific things your DD has reacted to and then sling in some general ones (this is for skin prick) eg grass pollen, peanuts, house dustmites etc.

Was the tomato sauce definitely milk free, there are quite a lot out there which have 'hidden milk'.

BackToB4Beatrice Mon 19-Sep-11 16:00:01

Ace- the tomato sauce may of had milk in, I'm not too sure. However my gut feeling is that it was something else, as she does have products with trace milk in. She is on the Nutramigen formula as she is intolerant to milk, as opposed to allergic, and it affects her eczema only.

These last two reactions have been different. Blotchy, swollen eyes, and wheezing (which is what concerns me). She has also been hospitalised three times with "wheezing" episodes, although as of yet, has not been diagnosed as asthmatic.

Have just spoke to GP secretary, he is writing me a referal letter, but is not referring me to anyone specific. Just an open addressed letter. Is that standard practice? Could I just call Addenbrooks?

Acekicker Mon 19-Sep-11 16:18:37

Hmmm - not sure how that would work with an open letter... are you doing this through private insurance or the NHS. If private then the insurer will probably have suggestions, if NHS then am not sure. I guess no harm would come of just ringing them up.

Contact details for Addenbrookes - you want Dr Clark's clinic I guess.

Good luck!

BackToB4Beatrice Mon 19-Sep-11 16:30:32

Have spoke to Dr Clark's secretary. Am going to get my GP to write a letter to him.

I am funding it myself. It's £300, but from what I can grasp, as he is paediatric allergist, it would be the same amount of money to go else where private as I would first see a paediatrician and then an allergist.

Has anybody dealt with him before?

Thanks for you help Acekicker.

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