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Does this sound like an allergic reaction?

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neolara Wed 14-Sep-11 16:50:44

My dd (just 2yo) was eating a small bowl of cashew nuts which she's done lots of time before without any adverse effect. I noticed that her face, around her mouth, and her cheeks up to her eyes were covered in a red rash. It looked a bit like eczema, but obviously wasn't because it had just appeared. Her eyes started to swell up a bit and then after about 10 mins looked sunken, as if she had been given two black eyes. She also started to complain that her hand was itchy. When I looked, it was covered in a rash, red and raised with small hives. She also had small hives and a red rash on her thigh, possibly where she had touched her leg with her hand (no trousers on). I gave her piriton and she is now OK. Rashes all gone and eyes less sunken.

What do you think? She has previously had an allergic reaction to raw tomatoes - hives, swelling and covered head to toe with eczema within 48 hours of exposure. She did not respond to a pin prick test, but consultant thought she had a delayed allergic response (t-cell mediated, whatever this is?). In addition, I have two brothers and each of them has a child who is anaphalactic to nuts. Doesn't sound good does it when written down like this. I'd be very grateful for any thoughts from anyone who knows more about this kind of thing.

youarekidding Wed 14-Sep-11 19:51:52

Get to GP for referral for testing.

Sounds like allergic response.

garliclover Thu 15-Sep-11 16:09:50

Yes, I agree with youarekidding. Sounds like an allergic reaction. It can happen even if they have been fine with that food before.

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