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Recipes for CMP allergy

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munkiii Wed 14-Sep-11 09:50:07

Forgive me for posting this in allergies and chat but hoping to attract as many replies as possible!

My 9 month old DD has CMP allergy as well as very severe oesophageal reflux. As a result she is on nutramigen formula, carabel thickener, massive quantities of infacol and also ranitidine.

I have tried in the last week to challenge her, by rubbing yoghurt onto her gums (as directed by her dietician) but this resulted in projectile vomiting and very smelly wind.

So we are going to leave it for a month or so. My first question is, is it better to challenge using something like a cheese sauce where the proteins are cooked?

My second really is just as the title suggests, I am tearing my hair out as all my books (dear old Annabel included) have cheese in every recipe and I am sure it is there as a mask for new flavours so am worried about going ahead and omitting it.

Is there a good website or book that anybody can suggest?

Thanks so much in advance. I am giving her the same 6 or so things all the time and it is getting a bit dull now.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Wed 14-Sep-11 22:49:01

You can use Pure cheese which is available in some supermarkets (certainly Asda used to sell it) if your LO can take soya. You can cook with it as usual.

munkiii Thu 15-Sep-11 08:43:43

We have been told not to give her soya either (until she is 1), but thanks for the suggestion- we can give it a try come December.

eskimomama Thu 15-Sep-11 15:35:08

I think if her CMP allergy has been confirmed (skin + blood tests), the challenge should be performed in a hospital, not at home. It sounds a bit irresponsible of the dietitian to suggest this? confused What does your GP say?

I have been using a book called the Organic & Toddler cookbook which is basically vegan so no cheese in it :-) Little by little you will surely find your own recipes. At first when she was under 1 I found it incredibly limiting but now we can totally live without dairy.
Good luck!

ChocaMum Fri 16-Sep-11 23:51:58

I agree with eskimomama, why are you having to challenge your 9mo DD St home? She is very young to be challenged, yif you do grow out of cmp allergy it rarely happens before age 1 and more commonly well after 2. Also if she has severe oesophageal disease clallenges should not even be attempted until this is well under control, and your DD should really be on lansoprazole for this rather than ranitidine with thickeners and infacol. I'm a bit concerned about how your DD is being managed clinically.

Also I do use good old annabel and omit the cheese, it just makes think saltier so a bit tastier but you can use herbs and pepper etc to add flavour. And vegan recipes are very useful. It does become much easier with time and practice, honestly. It's hard when they are so little and on a very basic diet, but it really isn't necessary to use cheese in everything.

You can use oatly cream if you need something to thicken things up, or redwood do a dairy and soya free cheese, as well as soya cheeses available if your DD can tolerate them. Pure spread or vitalite instead of butter. Redwood also do dairy free yoghurts called 'wot no dairy' made from pea protein. All available through goodness direct or some holland and Barrett stores. Good luck!

lukewarmmama Tue 20-Sep-11 14:54:02

We found it easier in the end to cook 'normal' recipes that naturally didn't have dairy (and egg in our case) in, rather than try to find acceptable substitutes - especially for cheese (soya cheese is awful, and you are avoiding soya as well anyway).

eg think casseroles of all shapes and sizes, mince based dishes (spag bol, cottage pie, shepherds pie, chilli with virtually no chilli), roasts, sausages (low salt ones!) etc etc. We did used to cook a fish pie with Nutramigen formula, but it smelt awful and DD was never that keen! Fish fingers much more popular...

If your DD is on formula still anyway, then that will be giving her a good balance of nutrients (eg the calcium she needs), so there is no nutritional reason you need to look at recipes that have cheese in and replace it.

AnitaBlake Wed 28-Sep-11 20:00:54

We've been BLW, and this has proven very useful for picking up issues. We've swapped cows milk for Oatly/Goats milk products and generally cook from scratch. I'm sure my DD is getting all she needs from my milk anyway at this stage but she absolutely adores hummous on matzo crackers!

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