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Would someone mind reading over my care plan?

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wangle99 Sun 11-Sep-11 18:47:31

DS school cocked up again, DS has severe intolerance to wheat/gluten/dairy, we finally sorted out school dinners before summer hols, DS went back on Tuesday last week, Thursday the school phoned to inform me the kitchens (food cooked at different school and delivered) 'lost list' of what DS can't have. DS had been having contamination symptoms but I couldn't pin point what it was - appears to have been his dinners on Tue and Wed at school. Queue strong worded letter and another updated care plan. Would you mind have a read see if I have missed anything?

Thank you grin)


This care plan is for Wangles DS (know was *).

NAME: Wangles DS

DATE OF BIRTH: 8th October 2003




DS has been diagnosed with severe intolerance to WHEAT, GLUTEN and DAIRY. These diagnoses was made by Dr S from Bristol Children?s Hospital. He does not have an allergy and this is not life threatening however if he ingests any of these items it causes severe distress.


Tummy ache
Tummy griping pains
Sweating (in severe contamination)
Very bad wind
Bad behaviour
Inability to sit still and to pay any attention

DS is very good at describing what kind of tummy pain he is experiencing. He is also aware when he goes to the toilet what it looks like when he is contaminated. When he has diarrhoea he needs to go very quickly and quite often is unable to make it to the toilet in time.

Although the symptoms are not life threatening they impact on his life for up to a week after the incidence of consuming incorrect food.

Symptoms can come on as soon as 10 minutes after he has eaten wheat, gluten or dairy.


There is no treatment. If symptoms are severe call DS?s Mother (see contacts) and she will collect him. If his mother is not available, call his grandparents (see contacts).


Baking in the classroom - if DS is using wheat flour or dairy products (ie butter) make sure he is aware it is wheat and that he must wash his hands when he finishes. I am happy to supply baking ingredients DS can use. If he is sent home with baking please make him aware whether he can eat it or not.

Pasta - If pasta is used in the classroom make DS aware he needs to wash his hands.

Playdough - if homemade may well have been made with wheat flour.

It does not matter if wheat, gluten or dairy touches DS?s skin. This will not affect him, however, he does still suck his thumb and by doing this he then ingests the items which cause problems.


Gravy powder
Stock cubes
Packet mixes
Chips (sometimes coated in wheat)
Fruit & Barley squash contains gluten

Wheat/Gluten/Dairy have to be listed as an allergen on food.

Kitchen equipment can also cause issues - baking trays that have previously held wheat/gluten/dairy food can then be passed onto free from food.

Fryers - free from food must not be cooked in oil that has cooked wheat/gluten/dairy.

If you have any issues relating to this please do not hesitate to contact me (mother) for clarification.


Wangle 07*


eragon Sun 11-Sep-11 20:09:29

thats all very good and informative. am pleased to hear that you managed to get suitable school meals. However, the food changes hands quite a lot, and as its the new school year the staff may of changed, so accidents like this are quite likely to happen.
is this infor for the kitchen staff, or just the school your child is at?
or both?
perhaps you need one for class teachers, and one that instructs the kitchen staff on avoiding cross contamination, and his current avoidance list?

how does your child choose his meals? or do you go through the menu and pick out the food for him in advance?

poolet Sun 11-Sep-11 20:17:27

Your poor DS - his symptoms sound just like mine when I was that age sad - my mum was forever collecting me from school but it just wasn't known about or recognised back then.

Would you not prefer to give him a packed lunch of suitable foods?

It might be an idea to pack some wipes in his schoolbag so he can clean his hands (before thumbsucking smile)

wangle99 Sun 11-Sep-11 20:33:55

I met with the catering area manager and we went through the menu for the term to work out what he could and couldn't have. I was dubious but before the holidays it worked really well. He's going back to packed lunches until they can assure me that it really will be safe for him. We are on day 6 of diarrhoea at the moment.

I'm hoping it will be distributed to all people involved in his care but who knows lol Wipes are a fab idea will get some tomorrow.

Going to print out numerous copies to give to school tomorrow. Thank you for your input. smile

freefrommum Sun 11-Sep-11 21:22:58

Have to say this scares me a lot. My DS has life threatening allergies to milk, wheat, egg and possibly nuts. He's just started school and I've agreed for him to have dinners twice a week after discussions with dietician and catering staff. I do worry that it might go horribly wrong and your story makes me think I'm doing the wrong thing sad
I think your care plan looks good but there's just one thing I think you should change and that's the bit that states that gluten has to be listed in ingredients as an allergen. Sadly this is not true. Cereals have to be listed so wheat, barley and rye (which all contain gluten) have to be listed in the ingredients but gluten does not so you should probably spell this out in the care plan as many people think gluten is only found in wheat (my DD recently diagnosed as coeliac).

wangle99 Mon 12-Sep-11 21:49:07

Well I sent the letter and careplan into school this morning and lo and behold DS comes home with a letter from the headteacher apologising and explaining how the letter and plan would be circulated to everyone in his care. Then she went to say 'should the kitchen lose the careplan we will make sure they get another one' erm I don't actually want them to lose it again thanks.

We are on day 7 of diarrhoea and tummy ache now. DS isn't sleeping properly and has only finally dropped off a while ago. DH wants to create merry hell but I'm just worn down with it all.

Freefrommum - i forget people aren't as aware as I am on the whole gluten thing. I've already given the plan in now but will see if I can give them another one. DS is even intolerant to wheat starch (which some coeliacs can tolerate).

Going to see in the morning if DS wants school dinner or not - am hoping he says packed lunch!

youarekidding Mon 12-Sep-11 21:56:53

Sorry you are having such difficulties and hope DS is feeling better soon.

Just an aside - do you give copies of all medical letters etc to the school as well?

I have the school nurse CC'd into the letters now, and also photocopy so school have up to date copies (anything since care plan).

It is all kept together in a file and I have said should DS require an ambulance/ medical attention from outside in an emergency they can give the file to them.

Mostly I think it again hammers home what they are dealing with.

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