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what do i do?

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addictediam Thu 08-Sep-11 10:51:50

I was hoping to get dd receded and ask her dr about this, but seems unlikely before baby is born and gps fobbing me off so please help!

I was told after I had dd that if I had bf her there was a chance she could have got really sick from my bm as she is allergic to cmp. so im now 19wks pregnant with number 2 (dd still isn't sorted angry but were getting there slowly) and wondering how I should feed.

I have no problems with bf but am a huge believer in going with gut feelings and instinct, when ever I thought about bf dd I felt sick and worried, it would keep me awake at night and when I made the decision (when still pg) to ff it was like a huge weight had been lifted.

but with this baby I am getting nothing! I would like to bf, but don't want to make my baby ill so 2 questions. will number 2 be allergic? and should I start cutting cows milk out of my diet to prepare?

alittle more background dh had a cmp intollerance from the age of 2 and I had a slight allergy from 6 months when my mum stopped bf but was never taken off it and I've mostly grown out of it. (the exception being if I drink 4pts of milk on an empty stomach I react much like dd. rash, sick breathing problems etc)

addictediam Thu 08-Sep-11 10:55:30

Sorry hoping to get dd refered

lukewarmmama Thu 08-Sep-11 20:47:33

Hi there - just to reassure you, there is no reason that your new baby will be allergic just because your DD is. A slightly higher chance - but that's all. BF is about the only thing the allergists seem to agree on as being a beneficial factor in preventing allergies, so please don't be put off. If your baby seems unusually unsettled, you'll be ahead of the game and will be able to think about cutting out cows milk or whatever it may be from your diet, to see if that is the problem - but you really don't need to do this until you think your baby might have a problem, so don't do it unless you have to!

My DD1 is v allergic to dairy and eggs; DD2 seemed to get a bit colicky from a few weeks. Gradually got worse (just unsettled, nothing too extreme!), so I cut out dairy from my diet (I was EBF her) and within a couple of days she was fine. She now has no allergies, so whatever it was, it was a transient thing that she outgrew. DD1, unfortunately, is still very allergic.

Good luck with the new baby!

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