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Egg replacement in cooking

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BlueBumedFly Fri 02-Sep-11 17:49:16

DD has an egg allergy (not anaphylactic) but enough to avoid especially as she is atopically extremely sensitive.

She can have eggs in cakes etc. but not in the pure form. So, when I make burgers, sliders etc and they say to use egg, I am never sure if I can or not? Allergy doc says cake OK due to the temperature its baked at etc. but I worry that other types of cooking are not ok - any experience here with anyone?

Also, DD loves to bake and I have tried using oil and the vegan egg replacer all to hideous outcomes. DD cannot touch raw egg without coming up in hives so I cannot even add them myself and let her stir incase she splashes etc. and goodness only knows what might happen should she ingest any but lets not go there smile

Any advise please on what to use in cakes as a replacer and what to use as a binder for breadcrumbed things and burgers?

Many thanks in advance,

feedthegoat Fri 02-Sep-11 18:01:01

Consultant told us the same thing about cooking temps. Ds is the same as your DD, he is touch sensitive. He was 10 months the only time he ate pure form eggs and reacted with mouth and lip swelling, projectile vomitting and diarreoh within minutes followed by floppy, unresponsive and full body rash within 20 minutes. Consultant said to test via touch once a year to see if can proceed to tasting but 5 years later there is no luck.

All I will say is that he can handle the egg in cakes and breadcumbed type products. I do still let him bake and go egg rolling (with piriton tucked in my bag!) as i don't think hives are worth restricting his life for (and they go quickly after piriton, which we have only ever needed after the annual test). He hasn't had any problems with food containing egg since he was about 18 months old (cake did cause vomiting at first).

BlueBumedFly Fri 02-Sep-11 20:52:45

Thank you! I'm going to go for egg bound burgers and keep my piraton nice and handy smile

ChocaMum Fri 02-Sep-11 23:42:06

We were forwarded a copy of the kings food allergy cook book by our dietician because our DD has several allergies. In this book, for burgers it suggests using one tablespoon of tomato puree/mashed potato/moistened bread crumbs/moistened roped oats. HTH.

trixymalixy Sat 03-Sep-11 14:12:42

Cakes we use egg replacer, cold custard or mashed banana.

I never use any kind of binder in burgers and they are fine and you can just use milk for breacrumbs.

BlueBumedFly Sat 03-Sep-11 17:31:06

Trixy - which egg replacer do you use? I have a vegan one but the cakes never bake through and become rock-like! Thanks - had not thought of using milk to bind.

BlueBumedFly Sat 03-Sep-11 17:31:28

Trixy - which egg replacer do you use? I have a vegan one but the cakes never bake through and become rock-like! Thanks - had not thought of using milk to bind.

trixymalixy Sat 03-Sep-11 19:39:56

BBF, I use the Orgran one. If you mix it with the amount of water and beat it with an electric whisk until it goes fluffy, that seems to make a bit of a difference.

It also depends on the recipe, some just seem to work better than others. My favourite is the lemon and poppyseed muffins on the BBC website, that always seems to turn out well using egg replacer and soya yoghurt.

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 04-Sep-11 10:24:43

I use that one too. I have found the results rather variable and it's trial and error really. Pancakes (Scotch pancakes or bigger American ones) work really well with it, but crepes are a no-no.

I have a couple of great recipe books - one by Alice Sherwood and the other one I've forgotten the author but it has a pale blue cover and is called something like The Allergy Cookbook. That one is written by a chef who has food allergic children and is really helpful in explaining what role the egg (or whatever allergen) plays in that recipe in order to help choose an appropriate substitution. So for cakes, often custard or fruit, as has already been said, can work. The most consistent results I've had have been based on the chocolate cake and cup cake recipes from the Alice Sherwood book, which use White vinegar and bicarb to create the rise. They taste great, although the texture of the cupcakes is a tiny bit different from usual. But highly recommended.

trixymalixy Sun 04-Sep-11 11:14:36

I find egg replacer very hit and miss too, even when using the same recipes. I have that blue allergy cookbook but I haven't really been very impressed with anything from it.

trixymalixy Sun 04-Sep-11 11:16:07

I think that allergy cookbook is trying to cater for too much, I find recipes from vegan websites a bit more successful.

YougreatPamplemousse Sun 04-Sep-11 11:25:08

We make cakes using silken tofu - sounds odd but it works. for every egg use 1 oz of silken tofu so for cupcakes we use 4oz tofu, 4oz self raising flour, 4 oz caster sugar and 4 oz butter and 2 tbsp milk. cream butter and sugar then beat in the tofu and eggs until smooth and fluffy, gently mixing flour until smooth, then bake un cupcake papers until lightly golden.

trixymalixy Sun 04-Sep-11 11:32:53

Yy Silken tofu works too, just difficult to get hold of!!

YougreatPamplemousse Sun 04-Sep-11 11:39:22

We get ours from our local Waitrose and occasionally Sainsburys.

FiveBells Sun 04-Sep-11 11:40:00

DS1 can't even eat egg pasta or a pastry brushed with an egg wash, he's so sensitive. I use the Organ "No egg" product in binding rissoles etc and I have had success with cakes etc using recipes on this site

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Sun 04-Sep-11 13:31:54

I agree that allergy cookbook is not great as an actual recipe book per se (although I really like the scone recipe), but I found all that additional information (eg when to use different substitutes for egg and quantities to replace per egg) very useful and worth having for that alone. But the baking recipes in the Alice Sherwood one are really good and I love having a fail-proof chocolate cake recipe and cupcake recipe as a basis to experiment with different flavours etc.

BlueBumedFly Tue 06-Sep-11 06:52:22

Thank you for all this fab info, lots of things I've never tried before so I'm going to take myself off to waitrose and onto Amazon.

Many thanks again, the allergy forum is totally invaluable!

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