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Question for adult sufferers of eczema

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bankholiday Mon 22-Aug-11 13:44:40

DS is 6 months and has had eczema since 2 months old. I have to put an emollient cream on him (Aquamol) several times a day, especially on his face and neck. He absolutely hates it, especially in the evening, after his bath, and just screams and screams.

Neither me nor DH have eczema, so I have no idea if DS cries because it stings or "just" because he hates having cream put on him (he's never liked being massaged, for example).

Can you please share your experience with me, is it painful to moisturise when you have eczema? Are some creams worse than others? Is there anything else I should know? Sorry if these seem like daft questions, but poor DS is so distressed now after his bath and I hate to see him scream so much.

AuntieMonica Mon 22-Aug-11 13:48:15

It could be that his skin is quite sore and adding cream makes it sting?

Also, is it cold?

I always put a blob on the back of my hand and rub it around until it's skin temp before applying to DD, it seems to go into the skin easier too, cold cream will make skin contract and require extra rubbing sad and it's nice to have warm cream.


bankholiday Mon 22-Aug-11 13:54:23

Thanks AuntieMonica, worth a try. Yes, I usually put it on at room temperature, haven't warmed it before, but I'll give it a go.

Also, is there anything that can stop the itching? The dr said the steroid creams will, but I'm only putting those on when the eczema flares up, whereas he scratches all the time. I have aqueous calamine from the pharmacy, but have recently read that aqueous cream is actually bad for eczema, so not sure what to do...

AuntieMonica Mon 22-Aug-11 14:04:03

We use Diprobase on DD (4yrs) now, not sure if this is suitable for babies, but your pharmacist will be able to advise on that.
Use it almost everyday and it helps keet the nasty flare-ups at bay.

Also change to sensitive non bio washing powders, 'Simply Sensitive' isn't bad and is very cheap. And make sure you wash all new clothes before wearing.

hope your DS gets over it soon, my DS2 used to scratch his skin til it bled!
He still washes all his new stuff before he wears it, he's 23yrs now. He only wears natural fibres and this helps him too.

ChocaMum Fri 26-Aug-11 23:09:55

Hi bank, sorry for a late response, I don't come on MN everyday.

It is fairly common for different people to have reactions to different emollients so it is very possible that your DS is reacting to the emollient. I haven't used aquamol, I know aqueous cream is a big culprit in stinging reactions.

Also dermal has an anti-itch ingredient in it so you could ask your GP to prescribe that. In young dc's with moderate to severe eczema epaderm is a favourite by most dermatologists. It is very greasy though. When using the steroid apply it to red patches but also brush your hand over all of DS's skin and anywhere that feels rough needs steroids. Use something like eumovate as a minimum strength steroid because higher strength steroids get on top of the inflammation quicker so in the long run you use less than the milder strength steroids. Also if your DS has had eczema from such a young age (as with my DD and me) then cows milk protein allergy is also very common and causes the ongoing itch and inflammation despite good treatment. Antihistamines like piriton given before bedtime help stop the scratching

Definitely only put cotton clothes on your DS, keep his room cool (ideally 18 degrees at any age for eczema), wash all clothes at 60 degrees minimum as house dust mite won't be killed at temps below this, use slightly less powder than normal if using normal powder or add an extra rinse cycle, change sheets every 3-4 days, dust and vacuum as often as possible, anything that can't be washed at 60 degrees (like soft toys) put them in the freezer for a day to kill of dust mite. When bathing put emollient all over him before putting your DS in the bath, and then slowly wash this off him. Bath everyday but for 10 minutes max.

Also I buy our DD pyjama tops and body suits from an on,one company called eczema clothing, cotton comforts, because they make all in one mite and top in cotton that can be washed at 60 or 90 degrees. Because the emollients are very sticky you have to use a different top every night.

Sorry for the long post, I have had eczema since I was a baby and my DD has had it since she was 2 mo and she's now 18 mo so I really know how difficult it is. Really HTH. smile

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