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No spanish, no idea of menu and no reaction, lucky escape or thanks to translation cards

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shouldbeelswhere Fri 19-Aug-11 10:14:33

Whew, I'm just so relieved to be back safe! We've had 10 days of mistery meals. We've got no Spanish between us (ok my DS does it at primary school!) but thanks to showing a translation card (explaining my child will die if she has...list of allergies) at every meal at every resturant and at various supermarkets and ice cream vendors my DD had no reactions!!!!!!! A trip to rural spain can be done and good fun had by all.

babybarrister Fri 19-Aug-11 12:58:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Clara35 Sat 20-Aug-11 23:45:03

I'm so impressed! I take the easy route & use my inlaws motorhome & can BBQ & self cater. I hate going into restaurants & trying to explain even at home. Glad you had a good time!

shouldbeelswhere Sun 21-Aug-11 08:51:38

Thank you BB. Yes Clara, I know it's so tiresome to keep having to explain but like BB says we have to be brave otherwise we're teaching our children that their lives are limited by their allergies.

I used to be so embarressed explaining about my childs allergies but I've got over that now, realising that it's not just about being difficult, it does really matter and it's ok to discuss with people who are providing food.

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