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Question about milk chocolate for CMPA toddler (slightly less allergic now)

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eskimomama Mon 15-Aug-11 15:38:37

OK... it's not a super important question, but my 22 mo DD is now less allergic to CMP, she can have biscuits containing butter/milk, but she can't drink milk, or anything where the dairy stuff hasn't been cooked (or she will get hives).

Can we try milk chocolate safely?? WWYD? I am not sure if the milk has been "cooked" or not...

I do think the biscuits are giving her a bit of eczema (as I can't keep her eczema under control anymore) but our allergist advised us to keep giving her biscuits with dairy to up her tolerance - which I'm not fully convinced is the best thing, but for now I'll follow her advice. confused

Clara35 Mon 15-Aug-11 16:55:45

Hi Eskimo im not sure I would try chocolate but there seems to be so much different advice even between different health professionals. My ds is 3 & we still have to avoid everything with milk until next appointment in nov. He came out in hives & had eczema too but nothing worse than that thankfully. We aren't to try anything until hospital gives go ahead for them to do food challenges. Sometimes I think hospital just over cautious as years ago you heard of people coming out in hives after eating something but they didn't gave to attend allergy clinic! Have you another appointment soon & you could wait & ask allergist?

eskimomama Mon 15-Aug-11 18:08:04

thanks clara yes we'll see the allergist again in October when she turns 2. Her point last time was that her allergies might get worse again if she doesn't build up a tolerance by eating those biscuits - she kind of thinks eczema is "good" as it trains a young child to build up immunity against those allergens, as in later in life it's much less likely....(obviously she hasn't been caring for a baby scratchinh herself all night long!!). I think she's quite old school, but until then I might just stick to a few biscuits per week only - def nothing else!

If only there was only one advice out there!

Clara35 Mon 15-Aug-11 21:40:12

Oh it's so hard to know. We have to put our trust in the doctors I suppose! Here's hoping they grow out of it all!

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