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Dairy intolerance - reintroducing dairy at 12mths tips please

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Jacksterbear Sun 14-Aug-11 20:59:58

DD (nearly 11mo) was diagnosed with cow's milk intolerance at around 5mo and prescribed Nutramigen. Saw paediatrician at 7mo who confirmed GP's diagnosis and said to stay away from both dairy and soya until 12mths, by which time most children will have outgrown the intolerance. He said to try reintroducing them at 12mths, see what happens, and seek a referral to a dietician if it's still causing problems. (Her symptoms are diarrhoea and bloody stools.)

So... just looking for some advice re how to reintroduce the dairy/soya at 12mths. Do I do just a tiny bit to see how she gets on or should I give her a load, e.g. a bottle of cow's milk, so the reaction if there is one, is obvious? Should I start with soya first (she has never been given soya, the paed just said to stay away from it as a precaution as many children who have problems with cow's milk also have problems with soya)?

kickassmunkiii Sun 14-Aug-11 21:23:26

Hi there

My DD (8 months) has the same allergy. We have been advised to do the following regarding reintroduction:- (obviously if ANY reaction at any stage to contact HV or GP)

Day 1- Rub a little yoghurt onto the face

Day 2- Rub a little yoghurt onto gums

Day 3- Give a spoonful of yogurt

Day 4- Give 2 spoonfuls of yoghurt

and so on and so on, I would contact HV/GP if a whole yoghurt was tolerated before giving any milk. We have been told to try the reintroduction at around 9 months so will be facing this ourselves soon!


kd73 Sun 14-Aug-11 21:31:44

DS1 had the same, we just kept trying him with a bit of our yogurts every month or so, until then he had nutramagin and we used soya based yogurts /products.

We found he was ok at about 22 months and now adores most / all dairy!

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