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Loreal Kids Very Berry Strawberry Shampoo

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babeinthewood Sun 14-Aug-11 20:42:39

Hi everyone, This is quite minor but my son has developed a very itchy scalp over the last two weeks, its bright red, and has been on the backs of his ears and down his neck. Ive narrowed it down to the shampoo we were using, its his sisters normally but ran out of the boys' usual stuff so used it a few times.

Just wondered if anyone knows whats in it that he could be allergic to? and wether I need to avoid other things? I usually use simple or Johnsons baby as his brother has severe excema, and they bath together. there seems to be about 8 things that isnt in the one I normally use and are in the Loreal one, and I really dont know how to go about narrowing it down, other than to have a professional allergy test done? Just want to avoid it happening again, not a major reaction I know but we've been through hell with him the last couple of weeks, (him being grumpy and generally not himself) and Im pretty certain thats whats caused it.

Any help much appreciated smile

letsblowthistacostand Sun 14-Aug-11 22:17:28

Do you know, I think it's the fragrance, I find I can tell which shampoos are going to make me itch by smelling them. Those Loreal kids shampoos are really strong. I don't use them on my girls because they make my hands itch.

A lot of people have a sensitivity to sodium laureth sulphate, aka SLS, and benzoates, anything with -benzo- in the name.


babeinthewood Sun 14-Aug-11 22:21:14

thats great thanks!! grin

eragon Sun 14-Aug-11 23:39:47

loreal kids do have (or did last i checked some yrs ago) a shampoo with a tree nut oil .
i certainly would not use any johnson and johnson product on any one with sensitive skin, its one of the most highly perfumed and coloured products around!

my daughter has very senstive skin, and would hive, get red skin and then develop hives after using any shampoo or soap with colours or perfume.
so we used simple products for 6 months to give her time to get her skin to de-sensitize.

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