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Confused about combining alternative milks/formulas

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garliclover Wed 10-Aug-11 11:10:18

My DS's formula milk is Pepti 2 which I think has less calcium than Nutramigen and Neocate. So I've been using Kara or Oatly with his cereal and in desserts, and Pepti only in his bottle (he has about 14 oz of Pepti a day).

Just wondering how much milk (and of what kind) your allergic DCs had (or have) between the ages of 1 and 2? And did you continue with the bottle beyond recommended age in order for them to have more milk/formula?

freefrommum Wed 10-Aug-11 11:32:51

My DS2 has been on Neocate Active for a long time now (just turned 4) but was originally on Nutramigen. I currently use one sachet on his breakfast in the morning and he drinks the other sachet made up in a cup in the evening. We don't use any other type of milk subsitute but I plan to change over to Oatly when he's 5 (following advide of our dietician). I did use a bottle for longer with DS2 than with DD1 (no allergies) as I wanted to get as much into him as possible but I think we started using a free flow sippy cup for his milk subsitute from about 18 mths then eventually started using a normal cup at about 3. Do you see a dietician garliclover? They should be able to tell you how calcium your DS needs and give advice on how best to get it into his diet.

garliclover Wed 10-Aug-11 12:03:10

Thanks, freefrom, I always welcome your advice as you are so well informed. Interested to hear that your DS has only had Neocate until now -- I think it really is more nutritious than Pepti for toddlers. We have seen a dietician and will see her again next month, but tbh she hasn't been much help at all, and didn't seem very clued up! By her own admission, DS's allergies are beyond her level of expertise. That's why I'm on mumsnet all the time....and reading books....and generally just obsessing all day

freefrommum Wed 10-Aug-11 12:55:27

I know the feeling, my dietician is very lovely and helpful but also admits to finding my DS's allergies difficult to come up with food ideas for. I usually end up giving her ideas! Most of my knowledge has come from researching on the net and in books etc plus web forums like this as I can't say that we've received fantastic advice from many medical professionals. Although my eczema knowledge does come from our wonderful skin nurse who I would have sainted if I could!

ChocaMum Wed 10-Aug-11 20:23:15

garlic I get the recommended daily amounts of everything they need from the dieticians and then work out the rest myself. In theory after 1 they don't need as much milk as it's very filling and can out them off eating as well. I give our DD oatly or hemp milk in the morning and before bed and then make up the rest of the nutrients through solid foods. Sorry but I can't remember from other threads if your DS is allergic to soya? Because the alpro yoghurts are useful if he's not. I agree with freefrom in that our eczema nurse is amazing but otherwise we haven't had great help/support with allergies. Although we are seeing a new dietician next Tuesday so I can let you know how that goes.

simpson Wed 10-Aug-11 21:06:06

DD (3) is also on neocate although she is on the tinned one (LCP as she could not tolerate the sachets for some reason)

I have never given her any other milk other than the neocate but thats mainly because there is no other alternative that I know of as she is intolerant to oats too so cannot have oat milk sad

I am just very aware of what foods have calcium in them and make sure DD gets plenty iyswim. Luckily she is a good eater and tends to clear her plate grin

ChocaMum Wed 10-Aug-11 23:19:48

simpson have you tried rice milk or hemp milk? Is your DD unable to have soya too? That's such a shame she can't have oats too, your poor thing and poor DD. It really helps that she's a good eater though!

garliclover Thu 11-Aug-11 10:13:42

Good to know your DD likes hemp milk, ChocaMum: I was sent some by mistake from goodnessdirect and it has been sitting there cos I haven't had the guts to give it to DS! But he can have soya, and have ordered from ocado the (apparently) new fortified infant milk that Alpro do.
And yes, please, let us know how your appointment with the new dietician goes. Is he/she a specialist in allergies? I think the problem (if you can call it that) with ours is that she's the community dietician and deals with a whole range of restricted diets and not necessarily so much with allergic toddlers.
simpson, I do recommend Kara which is made from calcium-fortified coconut milk, if your DD can't have Oatly sad

simpson Thu 11-Aug-11 14:16:24

I have tried rice milk but a bit concerned about giving her too much of it due to reports of arsnic etc

What is hemp milk???

She cannot have soya either sadly....

ChocaMum Thu 11-Aug-11 15:08:58

simpson our DD can't have soya too, it's very common with cwp allergy I'm afraid. Hemp milk is made from hemp seeds, no idea what they are I'm afraid! But it's cwp and soya free, and seems a bit thicker than oatly. My DD is 18 mo and quite fussy but drinks this on it's own or with cereal. It has more protein than rice milk or oatly too. We can get it from our ocado deliveries, and like garlic said from good old goodness direct.

garlic yes we are seeing a specialist allergy paediatric dietician. Our DD has lost a lot of weight and been suffering a lot from what we had thought as random unexplained allergic symptoms and food problems from our previous allergy specialist. She was also being seen by our local paediatrician. I did lots of research as I got a bit fed up of seeing the weight continuing to fall off DD and all the doctors telling us there's nothing wrong with her. So we have recently been seen at St Marys Paddington allergy clinic and next week we have a combined appointment with the dietician and speech and language therapist to help us plan her diet. She has already been in touch over the phone to recommend things like redwood 'wot no dairy' desserts which I hadn't come across before. Anyway they both sound really helpful so I will keep you posted. The consultant Dr Helen Cox was amazing too, she actually managed to explain even more things that had been going on with DD than we had expected, so we finally don't feel like neurotic parents!

Arsenic in coconut milk? I had no idea, is this only a problem in large quantities or even with small anounts? DD loves kara too sad

simpson Thu 11-Aug-11 16:31:48

chocamum - reports re arsenic are for rice milk not coconut milk smile

Not recommended as a main drink for little kids (think under the age of 5)

ChocaMum Thu 11-Aug-11 19:01:09

Thanks simpson, I was completely unaware of that.

ChocaMum Fri 26-Aug-11 23:28:46

Heel again, sorry completely forgot to update about our dietician appointment. Anyway she was absolutely fab, really lovely too. She did recommend hemp milk or oatly asnthe better milk substitutes when soya can't be used, and oatly cream to get some fat in too. She advised the same as Simpson that rice milk is not ideal for the young ones because of concerns about arsenic. Her name is Ruth Chalmers and she's based at the allergy clinic at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London. It was just so nice to speak to somebody who took me seriously and knew what they were taking about!

garliclover Fri 02-Sep-11 20:47:09

Choca, thanks so much for the update. It's brilliant that you've finally had good advice and support from HCPs. Being taken seriously by someone who knows what they're talking about is the holy grail!

ChocaMum Fri 02-Sep-11 23:28:46

Oh definitely garlic, it's just so nice having people believe us for a change. Our GP must be relieved I'm not asking for any more referrals now too!

hwhite6 Sun 04-Sep-11 09:21:26

My DS has nutramigen 2, about 14oz morning (on cereal too) & night.
The dietician worked out this is 394mg of calcium. It's recommended they have 350mg per day until 2yrs, I think she said, then it needs to rise to 450mg which is still covered by 2x 8oz bottles (or adding 'formula' custard as pudding!)
It should say on the tin the Ca either 100g dry or 100ml made up; you can work it out from there. If your dietician can't do that, she does sound rather hopeless...

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