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milk allergy - calcium supplement?

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Johe Tue 09-Aug-11 16:59:31

Hi all,
My 6 month old has just been diagnosed with a milk allergy. Wondering if I should be giving her a calcium supplement. She's still breastfed for the minute...until I manage to get her to take a bottle and then transfer her to Neocate. (could be a while longer!)
Any advice welcome...

freefrommum Tue 09-Aug-11 19:25:32

Hi Johe! You should get a referral to a dietician if your little has been diagnosed with CMP allergy (ask your GP/consultant). There shouldn't be any need for calcium supplements either while breastfeeding or on Neocate. You can use Neocate to make things like custard or choc mousse as your DD gets older and, as long as she isn't allergic to soya too (quite a few are unfortunately), she will be able to have soya yoghurts/desserts. If you're worried about calcium intake, dark green veg like broccoli are good plus I give my DS Morrison's or Tesco's own instant hot oats (like Ready Brek) made with Neocate as it has added calcium and vits. And there's loads of advice on here from lots of very experienced mums!

ChocaMum Tue 09-Aug-11 20:12:44

Completely agree with everything freefrom said! So I'm just repeating I'm afraid. If still bf or on neonate you shouldn't need calcium supplements. Lots of cereals like ready brek are calcium enriched and you can get non dairy spreads like 'Pure' for when your dc is needing things like that. You should definitely be referred to a dietician who will go into everything in a lot more detail and give you details or foods to try during weaning etc. Your dc should ne checked for a soya allergy too. Good luck.

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