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Itchy skin - no rash.

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youarekidding Mon 08-Aug-11 21:30:49

DS keeps complaining his back itches and tonight his whole body, he has no rash but has been sneezing a lot today. The itching is actually really bothering him.

As you may know DS has normal IgE, no identified allergens but has epi-pens due to severe reaction last year.

I am wondering if this is allergy related - as if it isn't I'm stumped and wonder if I should be worried or not?

Any ideas?

pinkorkid Mon 08-Aug-11 21:39:27

H,i it is unusual that there is no accompanying rash although that may just be delayed in coming out but it certainly sounds like an allergic reaction. Do you have any anti-histamine - piriton or cetirizine - that might ease the itchiness? Also you could try cool bath or shower or calamine lotion. Do you think it might me pollen or grass related as he has been sneezing as well?

youarekidding Mon 08-Aug-11 21:52:51

Not grass allergy that was ruled out in last set of RAST as was HDM. He has cetirizine to take but had not been on it for a few weeks as doing well. Also has chlorphenaine for reactions if needed.

I gave him cetirizine and will continue with it and see if sneezing and itching persists. I checked on him as he did settle after the AH and he has 2 spots on his cheeks - often his hives are facial and he gets angry red spots. Nothing to write home about though and I often wonder if I see things because I expect to or in some weird way want to so I know its allergy and nothing else iyswim without thinking I'm mad grin

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