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Coeliac's disease and gluten sensitivity - a question

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BarbarianMum Thu 04-Aug-11 19:51:26

I know coeliac disease is not an allergy but most of the posts concerning it tend to be put here so please bear with me...

I am (almost certainly) about to be diagnosed with coeliac's disease (gut biopsy says yes but antibodies negative so awaiting results of more conclusive blood tests). As all tests are done I have been put on a gluten free diet to see if that makes my symptoms disappear. So far I feel great but tbh symptoms were very sporadic anyway (was very surprised and disbelieving when coeliacs first suggested).

Anyway, today after 3 weeks gluten free living I accidentally 'glutened' myself by eating a couple of chips fried in oil also used for batter. 3 hours later I have a bloated stomach and stomach pain. The thing is, prior to 3 weeks ago I ate gluten every day and almost always felt fine (though gut biopsy and anemia show that I'm clearly not fine, whatever is causing it).

So my question is, could 3 weeks absence from gluten make me more sensitive to it? Hard to believe that such a tiny amount could make me ill when I was eating whole sandwiches weeks ago. Can't decide whether I'm still in denial about the whole thing or conjuring up psychosomatic symptoms. All opinions welcome...

CMOTdibbler Thu 04-Aug-11 20:03:16

Yes, it works like that - your antibody levels will have been falling, and then when you ingested gluten your levels will shoot right up.

I'm not sure why they are looking at your bloods again - a biopsy is the gold standard of diagnosis as you can have negative bloods but positive biopsy

BarbarianMum Thu 04-Aug-11 20:11:42

Interesting. Am coming round to the idea that it is coeliacs.

The reason they are not sure it's coeliacs is that my symptoms are very similar to those of giardia (which I have had several times when I lived in the tropics) and that long-term giardia can cause villus atrophy just like coeliacs. Unfortunately the tests for giardia are coming back negative, as did the coeliacs antibody one so we are trying the gluten free as this will help if coeliacs but not for giardia iyswim.

The blood test result I am waiting for is for a new, improved coeliacs test that is being developed - should have an accuracy of over 90%. It is not yet widely available so although my hospital collects the blood it is analysed elsewhere and this takes a few weeks.

keepmumshesnotsodumb Mon 08-Aug-11 13:54:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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