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Elidel cream, please share your experiences

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BoosMaw Fri 29-Jul-11 23:35:22

My DD (age 5) has a recurring patch of eczema round her mouth, and also on her bottom, it's been there for at least 18 months. As a baby she had extensive eczema but that mostly disappeared by the time she was 2 yo. The only thing which keeps it at bay is hydrocortisone, but as this can't be used on the face for any length of time have been prescribed Eliderm cream.

Has anyone any experience of using Eliderm? It's a non steroidal anti inflammatory cream. The side effects scare me, possible link to cancer, increased susceptibility to skin infections, etc. I've not used the cream yet.

DD has an appointment for skin patch testing, to hopefully find a reason for the recurrence of eczema, her skin was clear for approx 2 years between the baby eczema disappearing and this bout appearing, but we don't use soaps or bubble bath etc. It has occurred to me recently that perhaps baby wipes are to blame as I use those on her face as well as bottom, otherwise I can't think of anything we use that may be irritating her skin.


RollingInTheAisles Fri 29-Jul-11 23:53:41

I used it on my face and stopped after one day. I had a feeling like my whole face was red hot yet it wasn't at all to the touch. It sort of scared me that it could affect my nerves (I assume) in that way when it's purely topical.

ChocaMum Fri 29-Jul-11 23:57:06

We have recently been prescribed this for our dd who is 17 mo. It's amazing!

When we had it explained to us we were told it basically allows for new skin to grow that does not have the inflammatory eczema skin properties so it completely resolves the problem, while steroids try to suppress all the inflammation but need to be used on and off all the time. In the long run it's considered safer as you use far less of it than steroids, which we have been using for about 15 months and no real progress.

I hope this helps. I'm not a dermatologist obviously but this is what we understood from the explanations.

BoosMaw Sat 30-Jul-11 00:16:16

Thanks for the replies so far. So can eliderm get rid of eczema altogether, or are the effects just temporary, like steroid creams? We just want rid of this unsightly itchy redness, the total affected area is quite small, but the eczema there is quite severe.

Another concern is the increased chance of getting a skin infection, e.g. warts, herpes etc. We have good friends whose DC both have molluscum contagiosum, we've managed to avoid catching it so far, but worry that this cream could lead to problems such as this, or worse.

Has anyone any experience of Eliderm leading to skin infection?

thanks again

ChocaMum Sat 30-Jul-11 15:35:10

We have just started using this cream so not much experience yet I'm afraid. It is meant to get rid of the eczema in that area rather just suppress it. Only thing is when you have eczema you will always be prone tom getting it in new areas.

We were told with regard to infection this tends happen when the eczema is widespread and is being used in large areas so it sounds less likelymwith your DD. Molluscum is actually really common in kids so even without starting this cream it's fairly likely your DD can cathc it from somebody when in close contact, but they don't cause any long term effects, just not nice to look at.

HTH. smile

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