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Any tips for going away with chronic eczema child

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greencybermummy Wed 27-Jul-11 12:34:49

Just wondered if anyone had any pearls of wisdom regards going away. I feel so stressed about the fact we are going away next week (only to family but long drive). DD2's eczema is the main focus of everything at the moment and if we skip a creaming session (usually 4 during day and 1 or 2 at night) we all suffer.

I know we can't let the eczema rule our lives but it sure seems to at the moment.

I have thought of taking our bedding with us as we are going to be one night in a Holiday Express Inn and one at a wedding venue. We obviously have tonnes of emollient and creams to take too!

I should be excited because we are going to Peppa Pig world whilst away and a family wedding but instead I just want to stay at home and not have any hassle.

I think I need a kick up the bum to stop being so glum.

pinkorkid Wed 27-Jul-11 13:43:24

Not sure I have any advice, sorry, but just wanted to empathise as we are in the same boat.

I'm worrying about being stuck in the car for hours with dd moaning about being itchy and demanding I do something now! immediately! and not knowing how to distract her. Also concerned about actually getting her up and out of bed in time so that we don't miss ferry crossing. I'm hoping that the motivation of wanting to see extended family will work in our favour - hope it works for you too.

I think own bedding sounds like a good idea also lots of drinks & snacks for the car, mini fans for when they get too hot if you don't have aircon. Have you tried elocon emollient spray? It is quicker and easy to apply when on the move, although its effects are not as long lasting as more heavy duty emollients like epaderm.

And then for us, don't forget your sound damping headphones for when the arguments start in the back...

freefrommum Wed 27-Jul-11 14:50:57

I can totally sympathise. My DS2 also has severe eczema and we used to have to reapply emollients 4-5 times a day - what a palaver! Thankfully we're now down to twice a day generally, unless he's having a really bad flare up. You will probably have to make a couple of stops on your journey anyway for toilet breaks etc so I would take the opportunity to reapply emollients. Not sure how old your DD is but have you considered having some Piriton to hand in case the itchiness gets bad while in the car? Over 1s can have 2.5ml and some dermatologists recommend using Piriton for chronic itching cause by eczema or dermatitis. I personally wouldn't want to be giving it every day (although I know some do) mainly because I want to keep it for his allergic reactions but we do occasionally use it if he's having a really itchy day (it even helps with chickenpox itching). It's a shame that you don't feel like you can look forward to this family trip because of the eczema as I'm sure you will enjoy it when you're there but I know what you mean about the hassle. I'm the same every time we go on holiday, I know we'll have a lovely time but often wonder if all the preparation and stress beforehand is really worth it! I recommend lots of diversion tactics such as toys, games and (if you can afford it) in-car DVD players - they're worth their weight in gold on long journeys!

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