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reflux / CMP sensitive?? any advice appreciated...

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londonmum123 Thu 21-Jul-11 13:52:17

Hello, sorry this thread probably sounds really trivial compared to most but hoping for some advice (feel free to tell me to get a grip..)

I have 3 month old (non-id) twins. Dt2 was diagnosed with reflux at around 4 weeks (wasn't putting on weight and projectile vomiting). I also have a dd (2 yrs - allergic to dairy and egg, diagnosed at weaning) so some days I just didn't have enough milk to breastfeed them both and gave them a bottle of formula. I bought Pepti as didn't want to give them normal formula in case it "triggered" (for want of a better word) an allergy. Dt2 still vomited on Pepti so is exclusively breastfed now (dt1 gets the odd bottle of formula).

Now, my twins arrival coincided with getting a new coffee machine (!) and meant I was having lots of milky coffee (why I didn't cut back I have no idea). I switched to soya milk when dt2 was diagnosed with reflux and the vomiting stopped (could just be a coincidence). Well, I had a couple of (de-caf) lattes with cow's milk the other day (when out) and dt2 promptly started projectile vomiting after each feed again. She has no other symptoms. Am I just worrying needlessly? My dd1 never reacted from CMP in my breast milk and only had severe reactions when she was exposed to it directly.

When they were born I was worried about allergies (and everyone was encouraging me to give them formula) but the HV and hospital told me that I was worryingly needlessly as very unlikely that I have two children with CMP allergies.

What would you do??

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