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Can anyone recommend an eczema guru in London please?

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razzlew6 Tue 19-Jul-11 19:53:10

Hi there - DS is 5mths old and has had eczema only for a few weeks but it's spreading at an alarming pace. Being treated by his paediatrician who's v good but not an eczema expert. I know we could be in for a long ride but would like to get the best advice possible early on - does anyone have a dermatologist / allergy expert / paediatrician in London who they can recommend as being particularly specialist in eczema? Thanks!

babybarrister Tue 19-Jul-11 21:28:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Soob Sat 23-Jul-11 22:58:08

Ditto with St Thomas and allergies. Specifically for eczema I recommend Dr David Atherton - DD also had very severe eczema from about 5 months and he completely transformed our lives. He used to be the paediatric dermatologist at Great Ormond Street but is now semi retired and only practices privately.

ChocaMum Fri 29-Jul-11 23:51:19

Dr Helen Cox at Marys Paddington is great and is well known at leading research into eczema and allergies. She is the author of the NICE guidelines on eczema too so I guess she's pretty much considered the top in the uk when it comes to eczema. And she's lovely!

babybarrister Sat 30-Jul-11 07:55:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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