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Can you "recover" from an allergy?

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DioneTheDiabolist Mon 18-Jul-11 18:42:17

A few years ago I developed an allergy to scallops, the first time the reaction was mild and took so long in coming I was unsure what had caused it. The second time, the reaction was instantaneous and more severe. Since then I have noticed that other shellfish is starting to taste funny and have begun to avoid it.

But I love shellfish. So does anyone know if it will disappear and if so, what can I do to help it along?

pixiestix Mon 18-Jul-11 19:17:38

I used to come out in severe red, itchy hives all over my body when I ate pineapple. My parents made sure I didn't eat it for years, and when I tried it again as an adult I was fine and had no reaction. I don't know why it went away though - not very useful to you, sorry!

babybarrister Mon 18-Jul-11 20:55:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NonnoMum Mon 18-Jul-11 20:59:49

Watching with interest. Recently been hospitalised with a reaction to something (poss shellfish) and need to know if I have it "forever" now...
Do like a prawn curry though.

ClaireOB Mon 18-Jul-11 23:32:41

According to NHS Choices "Food allergies that develop during, are first noticed in or persist into adulthood are likely to be lifelong allergies"

FannyAnnPam Mon 18-Jul-11 23:41:09

I am allergic, only found out in adulthood - maybe because scallops weren't high on my childhood favourites list. I love scallops and mussels but have a worse reaction each time I try to eat them, so now avoid all molluscs unless I can have access to my own bathroom for about 3 hours afterwards!!

As far as I know it is normal for reactions to get worse with this sort of thing. sad

Tchootnika Mon 18-Jul-11 23:46:39

With babybarrister - I think sheefish allergies can get worse the more you eat and the older you get.
I'd avoid if I were you. sad

Tchootnika Mon 18-Jul-11 23:47:07

*shellfish - oops.

babybarrister Tue 19-Jul-11 05:59:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Weearchiesmum Tue 19-Jul-11 13:56:03

Hi just thought I would comment on this! I have a severe shellfish and seafood allergy along with bees, wasps and just about any animal with hair. I've had all of these from childhood and havent grown out if them. In fact I go to the Western Infirmary yearly for check ups. I know its rubbish especially when you love shellfish but I think its something you might just have to live with. I would strongly recommend seeing your GP and asking for testing. That way you know the severity of the allergy and whether or nor you should carry adrelaline with you. You would be surprised how often shellfish creeps into food, especially in restauraunts. Sorry I know it sucks!

NonnoMum Thu 21-Jul-11 18:08:40

Hi - Weearchie - can I ask you if it isn't a silly question... how did they determine the allergies? Was it just obvious or did you have medical tests? TIA

rosi7 Fri 22-Jul-11 20:41:26

It is possible to recover from an allergy. Not for everyone, but for some people. But you probably would have to look for alternative ways of healing.

NonnoMum Sat 23-Jul-11 16:05:13

Such as...? rosi?

rosi7 Sat 23-Jul-11 16:23:25

Some people had good results with bioresonance therapy - but others don't.

A lady doctor I know used to work with coulour light in the past - and had good results as she told me. But I do not know whether it worked with everybody or just some people.

For some people homeopathy was helpful.

rosi7 Sat 23-Jul-11 16:24:49

But there might be plenty more. This is what I am familiar with.

Acekicker Sun 24-Jul-11 09:45:35

First off - my sympathies, I love shellfish and I'd hate not to be able to have them...

I'd second what others have said about getting tested and a proper diagnosis plus epipen etc if needed, also if other shellfish are starting to 'taste funny' take that as a warning sign - our bodies are exceptionally good at knowing what to avoid in the case of allergies based on my own experience...

I was allergic to milk all my life - it wasn't diagnosed until I was in my late teens though - I used to come up in hives, vomit etc. I pretty much loathed all milk products as a kid to the extent that I'd take Bournville over MilkyBar when I was 4 (this was the 1970s!) and I drove my mum crackers by refusing to eat 'deli sliced chicken' when I'd eat roast chicken (processed sliced chicken has lactose in). Almost everything with milk in I associated with feeling ill for years even before I was diagnosed. A tablet with lactose as the filler would bring me up in blotches and have me throwing up within 20 mins...

What changed for me was not because of magnets and coloured lights, it was getting pregnant shock. About 15 weeks in I was in the supermarket and became obsessed with getting the cheese aisle and buying cheese... I bought some and had the tiniest sliver when I got home - my rationale was I was chucking my guts all day in anycase and I'd slap makeup on the hives for work on Monday. The tiny sliver was fine, so I had another and another and then ate pretty much the whole damn slab!

Apparently pregnancy does wierd and wacky things to the immune system so can affect allergies - unfortunately it's entirely unpredictable how this works though - I'm still ok with milk even 6 years after that but I react like a bugger to elastoplasts etc. Both the GP and hospital said that allergies can change/disappear/develop during pregnancy and that was certainly the case for me.

Unfortunately getting pregnant is probably a bit too drastic a way to try to rid yourself of an allergy and there's no guaranteed success either - sorry! Shellfish allergies can be life-threatening so please do go to your GP and get referred for testing and treatment. Let us know how you get on.

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