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How to reintroduce dairy to 12 month old?

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addictedtofrazzles Fri 15-Jul-11 19:19:42

DS2 has been dairy free since 4 weeks old. He suffered terribly with silent reflux and alongside Omeprazole, was put on Neocate in case he was dairy intolerant. A blood test has confirmed he is not allergic to dairy and he came off the Omeprazole 3 weeks ago reasonably successfully. The paediatrician would like me to reintroduce dairy in a couple of weeks. Problem is, I have no idea how to!

Can anyone offer me some words of wisdom or direct me to a useful link that can provide some suggestions and structure as to how to reintroduce it successfully?

Many thanks in advance smile

dontcallmenymphadora Fri 15-Jul-11 19:42:18

Treatment Lactose Intolerance

My DS had really bad colic brought on my lactose sensitivity. I started him with fromage frais and fingers of cheese.

Give him a spoonful or fromage frais or natural yoghurt with fruit, every day for say a week. then the next week give him 2, 3 the week after, etc. He might seem to get worse during the first week, stick with it. But if he does start vomiting, having loose poos or being very windy then stop.

You could always go to your Health Visitor and ask to be seen by their dietitian/nutritionist, I would ask ASAP because they can have waiting lists.

Good Luck smile

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