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arggghhhh anyone have any ideas?

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addictediam Fri 15-Jul-11 10:28:13

My 8mo dd has a milk allergy she's on neocate however we recently challanged her and she just had really bad diarrhea. So since then she has her neocate milk and we also give her a small amount of cheese, 1 baby yoghurt a week and we dont check ingredients anymore. And we haven't had any allergic reactions in 7 weeks or there abouts.

Fast forward to 5 days ago she came out in a red angry spotty rash, I took her to the dr yesterday and she confirmed its an allergic reaction to something. She gave us some chlorphenamine maleate. She's had 2 doses and dh and i narrowed down what she could be reacting to to 2 things 1) I bought her some new vests and put them on her without washing first or 2) I'm pg and craving satsumas so we've been sharing. She has 1-2 segments 4ish times a day.

So we changed her bedding, put all the new clothes in the wash and haven't given her any more citrus. So why has it got worse over night?

Could it possibly be because she cheese her cot and scrapes the paint off with her tee

II'm at a complete loss as to what may be causing this. What do I do now?

addictediam Fri 15-Jul-11 10:38:31

I've added a picture of angry rash if anyone wants to see it.

gingergaskell Fri 15-Jul-11 13:08:59

Interesting that the rash is on her back.
Typically a food allergy rash would be more likely {but not always!} to present around the mouth, hands etc where there had been exposure.

How has her milk allergy presented in the past. Does she normally get rashes from it, or just diarrhea? {gut and skin allergies are different, if she has not had a rash from milk before now, then likely she doesn't have a skin allergy to milk, just gut}

I'd be more likely to think the rash is from something else if that's an unusual reaction for her for dairy.

Nonetheless I'd personally take her off of dairy again regardless to be on the safe side. Probably keep traces for convenience, but cut out all yoghurt / cheese / cooked dairy etc. How I'd do it is keep her clear of dairy for a month, and then try again building up from cooked to processed etc again.

In the meantime you might find the cause of the rash is from something else, or it might turn out to be one of those frustrating things you never get to the bottom of.

addictediam Fri 15-Jul-11 14:58:30

The worst reaction she had on dairy was when she was 11 days old she didnt get a rash as such but she did get very dry hands and feet, the skin was peeling and was red raw she got very dehydrated and very sick so I'm inclined to think its not dairy. She didn't have any dairy all week as soon as I saw the rash appear I cut it all out, and its still getting worse.

The photo shows the worst on her back but its also on her tummy, chest neck and chin. This morning I've noticed it on the tops of her legs, top of her arms and cheeks.

(sorry all info I probably should have started out with)

It has got alittle better this afternoon but she's getting more and more grotty. I just don't know what to do with her any more!

garliclover Fri 15-Jul-11 15:02:02

I suggest you take her to your GP and say that the antihistamine didn't have any effect. It would be wise to eliminate other causes with the help of a health professional before doing guesswork, especially when it's about a rash. Don't want to be alarmist, but that's what I would do.

gingergaskell Fri 15-Jul-11 15:20:56

Glad it's getting better, hopefully it's down hill from here.
Like garlic, I'd take her back to the GP for such a severe and ongoing reaction though.

Obviously still will be very helpful to work out what caused the rash if you can, in the mean time though see if the GP can help with treating it. Is it terribly itchy? If so a topical thing like calamine might be worth trying.

Also I used to as babies, slather thickly mine in thick cream such as aqeous etc, I used Cetraben, and then use a cotton all in one {long sleeves and legs} to keep it on. Reapply regularly.

Hope it continues to improve.

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