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a tip - info for friends and family

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babybarrister Sun 10-Jul-11 21:13:28

I have recently put together a 3 page document with a list of DS' allergies, pointers of what to avoid, suggestions for playdate meals, phone numbers and basics on how to use an epipen/antihistamines and symptoms. I circulated it by email to friends and family first for suggestions/input and now send it out whenever we are invited anywhere. It starts by saying thanks for inviting and catering for us so I have tried not to make it too inyourface .....

It seems to have been received well by everyone and has saved me time repeating lists of allergies ....

nellymoo Sun 10-Jul-11 22:23:38

This made me giggle, because I have just done this for my mum and sister about DD only it is a little less succinct - 6 pages! I'm a little undecided as to how well received it was... I think It probably came across as a little patronising and PFB, but frankly, I don't care!

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