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CMP allergy, eczema and breastfeeding

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Zaft Sat 09-Jul-11 23:48:59

Hi, sorry if this has been asked many times before. I did some searches and couldn't find the exact answers.
DS is 7 months and reacted to yoghurt and cheese at 6 months (hives, vomiting). On advice of doctor I cut out dairy from my diet and his for a month (he is bf). Tried him with a very small amount of CM in his food today and he had hives, projectile vomit and was screaming as if in pain.
He has had eczema since he was very young. I haven't really seen much of a difference in his skin since we have been dairy free. My questions to all you more experienced at this than me are:
Given that he didn't seem to react to dairy in my milk before (aside from the eczema although not sure if this is related) should I continue to be dairy free?
I had intended to bf until 12 months. Will he need a special formula after 12 months if he can't have dairy? Doctor offered prescription for soya formula when we saw him a month ago. Didn't take it as wanted to continue bf. Have since read horror story linking soya formula to infertility due to oestrogen levels. Should I push for a different formula if we decide to go down this route?
It seems that many of you see dieticians/consultants. Do you think my ds's case would warrant this and should I ask GP for a referral or is this for more severe allergies?
Is eczema likely to be directly linked to dairy? He has quite severe patches on his back and arms as well as recurring flare ups on his face. We have had little success with hydrocortisone and emollient prescribed by doctor.
Given aforementioned oestrogen related horror story can I continue (as have done for past month) to give him soya milk on his cereal or should I express bm?
So many questions... Any advice/experience of any of this would be greatly appreciated. It is hard to know if the doctor really does know what is best.
Thanks in advance.

nellymoo Sun 10-Jul-11 12:18:14

Yes, ask for a referral.

Oestrogen issues aside, soya formula should not be prescribed, as cows milk protein allergy and soya allergy often go hand-in-hand. You should have been offered nutramigen or neocate as well as Piriton. You can use Oatly (fortified with calcium and vitamins) milk on cereal and in cooking instead of soya milk.

The eczema may or may not be related to CMP allergy, or other food allergy but can certainly be exacerbated by dairy/egg products.

In our experience, the GPs, HVs and most other HCPs know very little about allergy so it really is best to insist on a referral.

nellymoo Sun 10-Jul-11 12:19:09

And yes, if I were you (and I have been there...) I would continue to be dairy free.

inmysparetime Sun 10-Jul-11 12:22:51

My son has a milk allergy, and I breastfed until 12 months. Within a week of stopping breastfeeding his eczema totally cleared up, so it was most likely CMP in my milk setting it off. I wouldn't give upcheese for anything though!

trixymalixy Sun 10-Jul-11 20:03:44

Yes, continue to be dairy free.

You will need a specialist formula until age 2 if you stop bfing. Push for a hypoallergenic formula and use Oatly in cooking and on cereal. It is much nicer than soya milk anyway.

I didn't find the dietician that much use tbh, they just gave me a dairy free recipe pamphlet and a list of high calcium foods and sine very bad advice about soya yoghurts. I got much better advice on here.

Zaft Sun 10-Jul-11 22:43:25

Great, thanks everyone for the advice. Will keep dairy free and get myself some oatly. Going to book appointment with the GP tomorrow so will see what he has to say - it's good to be armed with the information before I go though.

freefrommum Sun 10-Jul-11 23:00:26

I agree with all above, you should definitely push for a referral to a specialist (don't take no for an answer!). Steer clear of soya formula and you should get prescribed a special hypoallergenic formula instead. Eczema and allergies do go hand in hand but that doesn't necessarily mean that the eczema will clear up on a dairy-free diet sadly. In my experience, GPs are not very good with allergies or eczema (they tend to prescribe wrong eczema creams and give incorrect advice) so it is best to see a specialist. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Etalb Wed 27-Jul-11 20:57:24

Hi my baby 8mths is also cmpa - his eczema was awful until I stopped having dairy too. It cleared a little but didn't completely go until I stopped soya too which is quite often the case with a cows milk protein allegy. Soya is in most breads, crisps, etc. Maybe you could try this. I noticed an amazing difference within 5 days of stopping soya products. - he had a flare up recently after I ate a tub of strawberries. So now that is added to the list along with bananas. He is so much happier now his eczema is gone - a different baby! Hope u find a solution.

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