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NEED TO RANT and I know you'll all calm me down!

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youarekidding Mon 04-Jul-11 22:10:38

Nothing major.

DS is walking to local secondary tomorrow with his year for the day. About 1/2 hour walk and not a shady road.

It's been 25°c here today and past few days.

So when I pick him up I simply ask school secretary if they want his FRIO bag tomorrow for his epi-pens....

No time to finish sentence as she interupts with 'why, they don't need to be refrigerated' hmm She actually didn't know what a frio bag is it transpired later.

No, I say but they need to be kept under 25°c and its easier if they'd like it.

Secretary starts saying they'll be fine, the teacher will keep them in the shade and she's sure she'll cope with doing that, whilst checking and reading the box obviously checking what I'm saying is true. angry

Just made me mad as she's been nothing but difficult about his allergies from day 1. (this is the woman who refused him chlorphenamine once).

A simple they'll be inside most of the day, or thanks but we have ability to keep them cool would have done. Or maybe just taking the damn thing knowing the pens will be safe instead of presuming they will.

Its not a bleeding paracetamol.

Oh 4 weeks of this school left. (met junior HT today at parents meeting who simply said tell us what procedures you follow and want us to and unless against our policies then thats fine) grin

Bilbomum Tue 05-Jul-11 08:14:40

Oh I do hate this type of thing - we had it initially with ds' pre school teacher. After a short chat and no questions from her re his severe multiple allergies (including milk) her response was "I'm sure it will be ok". When I asked if this was her official risk assessment for a child who had just turned 3 let loose in a room with milk on tap she was not best pleased. A quick trip from the specialist nurse at the hospital put her right. I'm sure a lot of people think we're just paranoid mums, I've learnt to live with it now and have no trouble making myself unpopular!

On another note I didn't realise the temperature thing with epi pens blush, what's a FRIO bag?? Maybe I should read the leaflets again.....

babybarrister Tue 05-Jul-11 12:05:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

youarekidding Tue 05-Jul-11 17:36:18

A FRIO bag

I have a large one. It fits 2 epi-pens and a measured dose of chlorphenamine in it <if you want>.

I paid £14.99 from the pharmacy so not as expensive as this.

You put it in cold water for 5-15 minutes. (I recommend the 15mins).

Let it dry and then theres a bag to put it in.

It's been great when out for the whole day where its hot or knowing I'll be in car for ages. <no air con and it gets hot in back or boot> grin

For me it's just about knowing they'll be kept below 25°c.

Thanks BB. It just got my goat as it was the attitude not the fact she didn't want it.

bilbo I agree tbf we probably are (rightly) paranoid mums but it doesn't help when we're treated as such. Like I said its adrenaline not a paracetomol.

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