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Adult - body rash

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Jcee Mon 04-Jul-11 20:46:17

This morning over the space of about 2 hours I developed a rash all over my body. It's red pin pricks and not itchy or uncomfortable. I couldn't get a Drs appointment until tomorrow afternoon so went to the chemist, who said it sounded like an allergy and said to take piriton every 4 hours.

I have hay fever but am not aware of any further allergies and I can't think of anything I've done/come into contact with this morning that may have caused the allergic reaction/rash.

I've had 2 doses of the piriton and still got the rash and got a Drs appointment late tomorrow.

Do you think this sounds like an allergy? Is it worth going to the Drs or just keep taking the piriton and waiting it out?

Thanks in advance

unclefest Tue 05-Jul-11 10:27:28

Go to the doctors. I had a rash similar to this which turned out to be some kind of virus related to the rubella virus. Worth getting GP to look as you may be taking Piriton for no reason if it were the same. Not a waste of GP's time!

Jcee Tue 05-Jul-11 19:00:09

Thanks for the advice - got up the morning and the rash was still there but fainter but went to the drs anyway. He reckons an allergy too and after more piriton today it's almost gone now. Will be glad to see the back of the piriton as was almost falling asleep this afternoon

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