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Question I forgot to ask the consultant - perhaps a MNer knows the answer?

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PrettyCandles Mon 04-Jul-11 07:52:39

Consultant dermatologist says my seborrheic dermatitis presents atypically, and, as I have an allergy that has never been formally investigated by an allergy specialist, it might be triggered by another environmental allergy, so she is referring me for patch testing. But I already take antihistamines for this known allergy (to sunlight), and they have no effect on the state of my skin, other than preventing that particular allergic reaction. So if I have another allergy, which is causing my seb derm, wouldn't it, too, be suppressed by the antihistamines?

Unfortunately I forgot to ask her this. Can any of you MNers experienced in allergies and testing explain it to me?

PrettyCandles Mon 04-Jul-11 14:18:23


flamingtoaster Mon 04-Jul-11 16:05:32

When my son had allergy testing we were told he should not be taking antihistamines - it would, as you say, suppress the reactions.

orangina Mon 04-Jul-11 16:18:56

(ditto what flamingtoaster says)

youarekidding Mon 04-Jul-11 16:35:50

I think OP is asking if her seb derm is caused by an allergy that isn't the known sunlight why are AH not preventing that allergy too?

I have no idea other than to say DS hayfever is still apparent with AH but not as severe iyswim? So maybe that's the reason?

flamingtoaster Mon 04-Jul-11 16:55:14

Yes, I agree with youarekidding - it could be that the antihistamines are reducing what would be an even worse reaction without them.

Sorry - I thought you were concerned about taking the antihistamines when being allergy tested.

PrettyCandles Mon 04-Jul-11 17:49:15

I've just been talking to Allergy UK, and they say that you can continue to take antihistamines when patch testing, it's only for skin-prick allergy testing that you have to come off them.

So does that mean that contact allergies are different to other allergies and do not involve histamine? Or do they need more potent, prescription-only antihistamines?

Every answer I get triggers another question! confused

youarekidding Mon 04-Jul-11 22:25:59

AFAIK all AH available can be got OTC. Its just prescibed when cheaper for patient to do it on perscription.

sheba1 Fri 08-Jul-11 16:42:10

I get polymorphic light reaction and the dermatologist I saw told me it wasn't a histamine reaction so taking anti histamines wouldn't help.

PrettyCandles Fri 08-Jul-11 21:12:09

I don't know what my reaction to sunlight is. IIRC it doesn't have quite the characteristics of polymorphic, and it is definitely responsive to antihistamines. It was my obstetrician who suggested I try antihistamines in order to avoid having a severe reaction during pregnancy. Transformed my life!

I'm really looking forward to this investigation - no, seriously, I am - because I have 'sensitive skin' and, although there are some things I have worked out by painful experience that I need to avoid, often I do not know what has hurt me. So I'm more than willing to suffer the itching and pain of testing!

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