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Can anyone help me interpret these skin prick test results?

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lukewarmmama Wed 22-Jun-11 17:53:09

I took DD1 (3.10yrs) in to have skin prick tests done today. We know she is potentially ana to dairy/egg (and maybe lentils), and have epipens from skin prick tests done when she was 1.

She's stopped reacting on contact to dairy recently, so I was quite hopeful... Unfortunately, she still came up on the skin prick tests as 3mm for milk and 2mm for egg (gutted emoticon). However, this is less than the last test which was about 5 and 6 I think. I don't know if this means that she has got less reactive, or is meaningless, just means she is still allergic though?

Is there any chance of tolerating baked goods given that the reaction has gone down, so should I be asking for a food challenge? We don't have a follow up booked with a consultant, so its up to me to push this if there is any point.

lukewarmmama Wed 22-Jun-11 19:36:05

bumping for the post bedtime crowd

youarekidding Wed 22-Jun-11 19:44:46

DS never had skin prick but RAST tests. From my understanding they take the 'welts' size as comparable to the .... (can't think of the word) but the prick done without an allergen.

Hopefully some of the very knowledgable MNers will be along soon to give you some more info.

snicker Wed 22-Jun-11 19:47:35

I was told that if the reaction was less than 5mm then it was appropriate to have a challenge. I don't know if its different for different allergens.

lukewarmmama Wed 22-Jun-11 20:01:27

youarekidding - the control prick? <snigger, sorry> I know what you mean, the +/- ones they do. I think the reaction to that was 3mm as well. Don't know if that's good or bad?

snicker - thanks, that's good to know. I won't feel like a div if I ring up and start pestering for a challenge if I think there is a reasonable basis for it!

youarekidding Wed 22-Jun-11 20:09:42

The control (prick!) -yes grin

babybarrister Wed 22-Jun-11 21:02:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lukewarmmama Thu 23-Jun-11 09:40:08

Thanks babybarrister - really good to know that at the least her chances of having an ana episode are decreasing (which I 'sensed' anyway, as she's getting sturdier all round).

I think I'll give it a couple of weeks for the results to make it back to the consultant, then give him a ring. Thanks everyone.

Btw, very impressed (in a 'wrong thing to be impressed about' kind of way) about a 17mm reaction!

trixymalixy Fri 24-Jun-11 00:10:03

DS failed a milk challenge, despite no reaction on skin prick testing. He can tolerate egg pasta, but not cake with egg in and his wheal was huge for the egg skin prick.

lukewarmmama Fri 24-Jun-11 07:26:58

Sorry to hear that trixy. It's so frustrating how imprecise and unpredictable this all is, not least in trying to manage your child's expectations.

trixymalixy Fri 24-Jun-11 08:22:14

Thanks, but agree with others that reducing size of wheals is a good thing. DSs consultant was only keen to do food challenges if there is no wheal at all.

babybarrister Fri 24-Jun-11 18:01:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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