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Paint fumes?

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youarekidding Tue 21-Jun-11 19:20:39

Hi all.

You know me the one with the DS who has allergies that are a mystery. grin

Well today I think I may have had an allergic reaction. Not sure and would really like some advice.

Was fine today, absolutly nothing wrong, ate lunch and returned to class. We were doing marble painting. As SN school staff handled paint and DC's chose colours. Al to do with risk asesment.

It started and I began getting a really husky voice and struggling to talk and thought maybe my glands had come up. I jokingly said perhaps I was allergic but never mind as had DS allergy bag. Carried on afternoon and throat felt tighter and lots of saliva in throat I wanted to clear. At about 3pm I suddenly felt I couldn't clear it and my upper chest felt tight. I was finding it hard to breathe but not wanting to panic grabbed DS chlorphenamine (measured 10ml dose) and tried to make a drink. At this point a collegue asked if I was OK and I said 'I can't breathe' She made my drink which I downed and took the AH. I was concentrating really hard on not panicing but felt very tingly all over suddenly and had to sit down. A few minutes later I felt better but my chest still tightish. I was walking up and down talking to my collegue again very concously not panicing.

As I left the school nurse spoke to me and I croaked back, she asked if I had a sore throat and I said no and quickly said think paints didn't agree with me.

Got home felt very sleepy so decided better leave then to get DS from club before I fell asleep.

Got there and as walking came across all faint again and could see a door but couldn't stop myself walking into it. Staff member sat me down (later said I went very white) and although I began to feel fine I had the feeling of being in the room but not iyswim? Sat for about 1/2 hour there.

Came home and was a bit shaky so had 2 biscuits.

I actually feel fine now, but tbh a little scared by the whole thing. I have a slightly sore throat (like a bruised feeling) but swallowing and breathing fine.

I keep thinking this appeared like an allergy but I had no swelling or rash at all.

I have come here as I know I get a lot of support and honesty here re DS and hoped someone might be able to shed some light on this.


youarekidding Tue 21-Jun-11 19:23:26

Sorry should add the breathing thing was as I was trying to clear saliva but couldn't as felt blocked and all behind my nose felt that way too.

dilldoooh Tue 21-Jun-11 20:08:51

Think you just panicked.

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