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Can somebody please help me with a question about hayfever/asthma?

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nobodysfool Sun 19-Jun-11 21:59:59

thanks for reading this.
My ds (6) has had a non productive cough for about 8 weeks which had followed a bad viral infection.He coughs all day but it doesnt wake him up at night.
He is well in himself.He takes loratine for hayfever.
I took him to my doctors on Fri and she listened to his cough and suggested we try a ventolin spray as it may be asthmatic cough.The spray has done nothing for his cough and in desparation i started searching online for any other ideas.I stumbled across a site that suggested using Benylin night time cough mixture as the ingredients help with hayfever (checked on the Benylin site and they say the same).Gave him a dose of it this evening an hour before bedtime and he coughed once then fell asleep!
Has anybody had and experience with this and what can i ask the doc for with the same ingredients that will help him without making him drowsy?
Any ideas?

nobodysfool Sun 19-Jun-11 22:15:46

bumping in the vain hope somebody will read and help.

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